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The Fear Matrix

The Fear Matrix was established many ages ago (about 2-3 hundred-thousand years ago, during the last great Fall, by those wished to keep the Earth in thrall at lower vibrational and frequency levels).

Module: Disconnection from the Fear MatrixEvery human-being becomes connected to the Fear Matrix by the time they are socially active, when they begin to experience strong fear vibrations—at the very latest they are connected at the onset of puberty, when their rising Kundalini activates the emotional body fear programs carried over from previous lifetimes. Every time fear is experienced in a human body, that fear energy is fed into the Fear Matrix and strengthens this matrix, which in turn strengthens the experience of fear in that human-being. It is a never-ending, circuitous spiral of negative energy feeding negative energy.

Human-beings normally have a threshold that can handle fear in moderate amounts, without being overwhelmed by it.  However, in those beings who hold an excessive amount of fear in their bodies—physical, emotional and mental—the connections in their bodies to the Fear Matrix begin to exponentially increase.

These increased connections begin to manifest themselves as illness and dis-ease.

It is extremely important to eliminate all connections to the Fear Matrix at this time!

When we no longer carry the energies of fear in our bodies, we stop resonating to the Fear Matrix and fear vibrations around us.  We can clearly see that fear is but an illusion, designed to keep us at lower rates of vibration and frequency!

Then we can stop reacting in irrational and irresponsible ways, stop generating more fear, fueling the Fear Matrix.

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Disconnection from the
Fear Matrix
  –  M+ Module

  • Automatically disconnects all your bodies from the Fear Matrix.
  • Repairs any damages caused by connections to the Fear Matrix..
  • Automatically programmed to run twice a day.

    Once before you go to sleep, to clear any fear stuff (including entities) you may have collected during the day, and then once after you wake up in the morning, to clear any fear stuff (and entities) that you may have collected during your sleep-time.

$ 40.–

Price includes download, installation and activation of this module.
All Earth Grid modules include from between 38 & up to 56 tasks.
Appointments available by telephone / skype

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