You are currently viewing Power and the Importance of Claiming Your Power in Times of Tragedy and Personal Upheaval

Power and the Importance of Claiming Your Power in Times of Tragedy and Personal Upheaval

Power and the Importance of Claiming Your Power in Times of Tragedy and Personal Upheaval

The recent devastating event in Connecticut, where adults and young children were murdered in a killing rampage by a disturbed individual, has shocked us and wounded our hearts. Stunned we ask ourselves, “How anyone can do this? How could this have happened?”

As we recover from the shock, almost everyone turns to prayer and sending Love to the victims’ families and their community. We pray for the souls of those whose lives ended so abruptly.

And with the perpetrator(s) dead, there is a feeling of justice denied. We cannot punish the dead.

Then Fear, if it hasn’t already crept in, begins to take hold of our emotions.

We start to feel unsafe, to feel uncertain about our lives; that this could happen again, closer to home, now, to us in our homes and our communities.

After the funerals and ceremonies are over, the time of societal reflection begins. “How could we have prevented it?” “What can we do to prevent events like this from taking place in the future?”

We start looking in other directions. We start to blame: Take the wide availability of weapons as the cause for the violence. We call for more control, government steps in and so on…

This is a pattern that we all know well and recognize.

What does this have to do with Power you ask? It is in the times when we feel the most vulnerable and the most Fear that we need to  Claim our Power! 

Claiming Your Power ...Claiming our Power roots us once again in our Essence. It grounds us and clears the fog that Fear surrounds us with, which keeps us from being able to see clearly. It keeps us from giving away our Power—to government and those in authority—who then take away our rights under the pretext of protecting us.

This was so obvious after 9-11. (Within 2 years of 9-11, the steps of losing our rights were almost complete that the so-called ‘War on Terror’ had instigated.) Just see what that has done to us as a nation, what it has done to our economy!

Fear is also sometimes generated intentionally (Especially by those who feed on Fear). Have you ever noticed that just when things start to feel good, peaceful and joyous, something “bad” happens and then a lot of Fear and Anger is generated?! It’s feeding time!

When you  Claim our Power , you don’t fuel the Fear and those who thrive on it. Instead, you ground in your Love and Compassion, and take responsibility for your part of the event. Yes, I said your part of the event, for we are all connected. There is nothing that happens here on earth that we have not helped to co-create; for we are involved not only in our own personal Karma, which we have with our families and friends, but we are also connected to the Karma of the nation and ethnic groups, both those that we are born into and those where we live now.

And in times of personal tragedy and upheaval, it is most important to Claim your Power, for that is your foundation, that which will help you through the rough patches of life.

 Claiming Your Power  is especially important now as we move into the finals days before the last portal in our journey on the Ascension Path. We need to move into the new world which we are co-creating, firmly anchored in ourselves and our Power so that we can truly live as Creators.

The process to Claim Your Power is the initial chapter from my first book “Setting Your Spiritual Foundation”, part of the three book series “Tools for the Next Step on the Ascension Path”. By following the link, you can read through the entire process on how-to  Claim Your Power!  There are also versions available for download as PDF and eReader/Smartphone versions (ePUB, Kindle, Sony) at amazon and  smashwords  (Free when you LIKE us on facebook).

Love & Blessings,
Li Lan

After the Claiming Your Power … process, I highly recommend doing the Ho’oponopono Meditation: Its beauty is highlighted by the ease of remembering its four simple lines.


Meditation for Cleansing (Hawaiian)

I Love You

I Am Sorry

Please Forgive Me

Thank You

Repeat constantly, not directed anywhere in particular, although you may offer it to the Divine, or to your or another’s Inner-Child. The energy and vibration of these words have the power to heal and cleanse at all levels and in all directions of time and space. These are true Words of Power. Somehow they connect with whatever needs their energy to heal, within others and us—and we do not even need to know what or how for it to be effective.

Ho'oponoponoIn Ho’oponopono, a person assumes 100% responsibility for their reality (with NO sense of self-blame). They know that what they have created, they can change, for accepting responsibility means accepting Power. Nothing is ever anyone else’s fault. To change experience / reality there is only ever one thing to work on: One’s SELF.

You may direct the following prayer to your god / goddess, an experience, your past lives, any part of yourself or anyone else … to your cat, dog, or even your car … it may not make sense to your CONSCIOUS mind, but your DEEP MIND (subconscious / superconscious) really GETS IT. It can be instant, or a gradual process—Either way, it WORKS.


(Hawaiian Shaman)

The following is another reputedly very powerful cleansing prayer. The intention is to cleanse any blocks and resistances (known and unknown) we may have against the manifestation for our good, and to clear the way for positive inspiration and manifestation.

This prayer has great healing power.

Divine Creator, Father, Mother, Son as one …
If I, my family, relatives and ancestors have offended
you, your family, relatives and ancestors in thoughts, words, deeds and actions from the beginning of our creation to the present, we ask your forgiveness … Let this cleanse, purify, release, cut all the negative memories, blocks, energies and vibrations, and transmute these unwanted energies into pure Light
… And it is done.