Imagine, living a life where you are unhindered by previous (negative) karma and (negative) karmic contracts.

Karmic Law states that the wrongs that we have caused must be corrected by learning not to repeat them again, by gaining the wisdom to understanding what you have done, and why it is wrong.

Karma is the process in which situations are repeated until the lessons are learned and healing is achieved. This is the way karma functions. It is not meant as a punishment, but as a vehicle for learning, healing and evolving.

What we experience as the effects of the Law of Karma is also composed of the effects of many Universal Laws. Some examples are:
The Law of Reciprocity (from reciprocate v.i. to return in kind something done, given, etc.): The old rule of: Do unto others as you would be done unto.
There is the Law of Attraction: Everything you send out—energy, thoughts, emotions, etc.—curves and comes back to you like a boomerang.
The Law of Cause & Effect: Every action causes a reaction.

All these Universal Laws and their effects intensify the karmic learning / healing process, and can sometimes cause seemingly endless loops that can be overwhelming and difficult to move through.

Now, we have been granted a very special and important dispensation that has never before been permitted: The dispensation from requiring that karma be healed—the long way—through experiencing and through the process of trial & error. With some very simple requests and processes we can now achieve the release of karma quickly and with ease.

When you do the karmic releases, the process of learning by living can be bypassed, and the lessons granted and completed almost immediately. What is necessary for this process is conscious realization. By you consciously realizing that something is wrong in your life and that healing is required, you acknowledge the lesson and that you are ready to release / heal the karma.

When you release (negative) karma and (negative) karmic contracts, all the subtle and not so subtle sabotages and interferences that we are regularly subject to can be lifted from us. We can then be free to interact with those with whom we previously experienced in negative ways in totally new and different ways. We are no longer tied to (negative) karmic roles!

This does not mean that you won’t experience negativity or that negative people will not enter into your life, it just means that you will no longer be constrained by your (negative) karma and (negative) karmic contracts with them—to repeat the karma. You are released and free to choose if and how you wish to interact with them.”