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Matrix Plus ( M+ ) Modules

Matrix Plus ( M+ ) ModulesModules are etheric, energetic constructs holding collections of energies, frequencies, intentions, morphic fields (and the like) for a particular outcome / intention(s), structured into a series of tasks and processes that are then placed within a person’s bodies / energetic field for balance & harmonizing, cleaning, letting go, learning, etc.  The idea behind this technology of the module comes from Matrix Energetics ( ME ), but the modules that I create are done so with my White Brotherhood / Sisterhood of Light healing and technology guide teams, and they integrate the technology from my Multi-dimensional Structural Synthesis Therapy ( MSST ).  My modules have been created to be used for healing purposes:  Both for the removal of unwanted stuff and for strengthening and rejuvenating / renewing helpful stuff.

Once a module has been downloaded, installed and activated in you, it will automatically perform all the tasks that have been programmed into it.  My modules are designed to work harmoniously with all my other modules and are under the  supervision of your Higher-Self and those higher dimensional guides who are connected to the individual modules.  Each module has been designed to harmonize with all other modules, specifically to prevent an overlapping and / or conflict of tasks.

Modules will not interfere or interrupt your personal protection protocols.  They are not dependent on the so-called strength of your morphic field (one problem that pops up with ME technology) and do not need to be refreshed or re-installed:  Daily, weekly or ever.

All modules run automatically as per their programming, but can also be activated at any desired time to run through their tasks and process lists.

Whenever changes are made to any of these modules, your instance is updated immediately as well. This automatic update process is a part of every module and of everyone’s instance.

All my Modules have been tested and are quite powerful in their effect.  You can find in-depth information about the following Matrix Plus ( M+ ) Modules here at on the following pages:

Earth Grid Modules
Viral Pandemic Module
Post Trauma Stress Dis-ease / Dis-order ( PTSD ) Module

Additional modules are in development, designed to deal with specific common complaints .  Modules can also be customized and/or built to fit your specific needs  Please contact me for this service.

As with all things energetic and spiritual, please check with your higher guidance to see if a module is something that would work for you.

The effects of these modules are subtle yet powerful.  All your bodies relax and are able to function in the way that they were meant to.  Stress is relieved.  And remember, a module only needs to be installed once … ever!

Once I have received confirmation of your payment, the module will be remotely downloaded, installed and activated—during your sleep-time.  If you are sensitive and would like to consciously experience the installation and activation of the module, an appointment to do this can be scheduled.



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