MSST: The Sessions (Complete Outline for Training Program)

The Sessions


Session to Connect and Anchor the Inner Child and Higher Self in the Physical Body

In this session, Li Lan facilitates the connection to the Higher Self and the Inner Child and helps to anchor these energetic parts of our Being into the physical body.

The Inner Child is to our Emotional body what the ego is in relationship to our Mental body. Our Inner Child holds the key to our emotional well being. When we connect to our Inner Child in its pure state, we experience that state of innocence and purity of Love and Joy that is our true state of being. We can see our addictive patterns that we all seem to repeat so often in our lives and we help our Inner Child to release the traumas and blockages that caused these addictive patterns that have held us back from positive growth and emotional maturity.

Your Higher Self is that Energetic part of you that is in constant contact with your Divine Soul. It is that Divine aspect of yourself which functions as the central coordinator of your Life’s Plan. Your Higher Self, since it is not anchored in linear time as we know it, has an overview of your complete development in any and all Life times and coordinates the timing of those lessons that you wish to learn and experience.

We want to connect to our Higher Self. Because the Higher Self has the overview of our life’s Plan, it can guide us to avoid the pitfalls and help us stay in the Divine Flow. Your Higher Self, unlike other Spiritual guides that one may have, has only one agenda: Your Highest Good and Interest. It does not represent any other groups, opinions, or agendas.

Our personal path of Evolution dictate that we eventually become and manifest as our Higher Self. Establishing communications with our Higher Self and getting feedback and guidance is a first step towards realizing and manifesting this goal.

People have concepts of the Higher Self and the Inner Child, and in this session, you will have a direct experience of both and be able to communicate with them. You will experience your body as a distinct consciousness with its own integrity.

And you will work in this session with Light and Colors and Breath to facilitate the anchoring of these energetic parts of your being into your physical body. Our lack of wholeness comes from not being connected at all times with our Higher Self, Our Inner Child, and our physical body. When we are connected, we become whole.

Cost for the session is $555, –
time involved for Sessions are ca. 3-4 hours per session.
Individuals may require more than 1 session to accomplish what is needed.


Session to clear Blockages and Issues surrounding Power & Responsibility that keep us from being the best Healer that we can be

This session is the key to success as a true Healer. For to heal, we must make ourselves whole. To do that we need to look at our issues about Power and our relationship to it, and Responsibility. These two issues are closely tied to each other. Very often, blockages about power: use or misuse of it, will lead to blockages in responsibility: our willingness to take on something or not.
So we look in this session to see where there may be blockages concerning these two issues, and we look to resolve them at their point of origin, whether they stem from this life or from past lives.
For to be a healer, it is necessary to be a clear channel, knowing our weaknesses and strengths, knowing where the boundaries are, and what we are allowed to do and not do. And all that has to do with Power and Responsibility.

Costs for the session is $555, –
Time involved for sessions are ca. 3-4 hours per session.
Individuals may require more than 1 session to accomplish what is needed.


Session to clear Body channels so as to be able to hold higher levels of Energies and Frequencies

One of the Pillars of the MSST is the ability to tune into the different levels of energy and frequency of the different bodies. Often times, healers cannot affect complete healing because they have not personally experienced or attained the different levels needed.
In this session, The necessary channels will be established to allow one to access, experience and hold higher levels of Energy and Frequencies needed to work at the different levels.
Also time will be spent on allowing the full experience of the different bodies, to establish a conscious connection to experience the consciousness of the different bodies, and learn how they function.
In this session, you will also be introduced to your White Brotherhood Professional Medical Team. This team is there to support you in your work with your clients and to bring you up to date so that you are at all times congruent with your client’s needs.
This may take more than one session depending on how much previous experience and training the trainee brings with them.

Costs for each session is $555, –
Time involved for sessions are ca. 3-4 hours per session.
Individuals may require more than 1 session to accomplish what is needed.


Session to recall any experience and previous lifetime training dealing with healing.

This is the session that is the shortcut to acquiring knowledge!
So many of us have spent lifetimes being healers. The knowledge and abilities that we have accumulated throughout the ages are not lost. They are stored in our genetic and bodi(es) memories. In this session, we will access those lifetimes. We will look and see if there any blockages from those lifetimes that would stand in the way of your being a wonderful healer in the present and remove them. And finally we will activate the memories of the knowledge and abilities that we have acquired in them, that are relevant to the healing work that we are to do in this lifetime, so that we can access them now.

Costs for the session is $555, –
Time involved for Sessions are ca. 3-4 hours per session.
Individuals may require more than 1 session to accomplish what is needed.

There may also be other types of advanced healing work that needs to be done that are not mentioned here. Ask about it if you are considering this training or doing the Healer’s Set.