Love is a pure energy, the building block of all that is…
Tools for the Next Step on the Ascension Path

– Book 1 –
Setting Your Spiritual Foundation

A Manual of Guided Meditations and Processes
Fourth Edition – March 2012

This first manual (of three) provides a spiritual foundation from which you, the reader, can progress and grow on your spiritual path—which no longer can be differentiated from everyday life. For most, their spiritual life and their everyday lives have merged.

Originally written as a manual to accompany Li Lan’s workshops, chapters include topics on how to “Claim Your Power”, follow “Cosmic Etiquette” and practice “Spiritual Hygiene”. She takes the seeking student one step further by explaining how Spiritual Laws function, and why it is important to know how they work—and how to apply them in everyday life. The guided meditations and processes are designed so that the reader can follow them easily and are very powerful if done consistently.

As the energies and frequencies of our planet and our solar system rise exponentially to reach ascension levels and both Earth and her inhabitants—humanity—ascend, we will become

“The Materialization of Spirit and the Spiritualization of Matter”.

( I didn’t coin this, I’m just quoting it. )

There is “will no longer be a separation between what is spiritual and what is material, as there is” will be a fusion of the two.

Oneness instead of Duality.

This manual is still as important today, as it was when I first started to teach its content back in the 90’s. In fact it is more important now as the general population is awakening and planetary ascension draws closer.

This 4th edition contains new material on the Inner-Child, along with practices for the Inner-Child and the body—to round out and complete this Manual.

The Spiritual Hierarchy is asking us to step forward and take responsibility for our lives by creating our own flow, in deciding what it is that we want to manifest in our lives. If we set the Intention, they will help us if and when we ask them for help. But for those of us who realize that we do create our own reality, they will no longer create a flow for us just as parents at some point stop scheduling appointments for their children when the children get past a certain age.

This is a time of the Rites of Passage for Humanity when we are stepping from the Spiritual Childhood of the 3rd dimension through the Spiritual Puberty of the 4th dimension into the Spiritual Adulthood of the 5th dimension. It is with great anticipation and trepidation that They watch us take our fledgling steps into Creatorhood, and all are cheering us on and ready to catch us if we fall.

So know that you are loved and cared for even though you may not feel the guiding hands as you take your first step as you may have felt them in times past. They are there … it is only that it is time for us to stand in our own power!

I am including the first chapter of this manual: Claiming your Power, Life-Force, Energies, Abundance and the Sovereignty Over all your Bodies, because it is one of the most important processes you can complete in setting your spiritual foundation. It is so important that my White Brotherhood / Sisterhood of Light guides & Upstairs—insisted that I make it available to everyone. So that’s what I am doing here.

You can read through the entire first chapter below. It starts out explaining just what Power means when it comes to your Spiritual Foundation by defining it first, and then explaining all the intricacies and relationships that extend from Power. Next, there is the Breathing Light meditation, which you will repeat often with many of the other chapters in this manual. Finally, you decree out-loud the process for Claiming your Power, Life-Force, Energies, Abundance, and the Sovereignty Over all your Bodies. Preparation is key, so I also have included a PDF-document of the entire chapter at the end, which you can download and print out (Versions for smartphones and mobile devices are in the works).

Love & Blessings,
Li Lan


Pow-er ( \ ˈpau̇(-ə)r \ ):

  1.  n. an ability or faculty, the power of motion, intellectual powers // physical strength // control, to be in someone’s power // controlling influence, political power // authority , authorization // ( phys. ) the rate at which work is done or energy is transmitted.
  2. Vt. to supply with a source of power.

Webster’s Dictionary of the English Language – The New Lexicon )

Power, in the Spiritual and Higher Realms can be defined as follows:

  • The ability, capability, capacity to create and be creative.
  • The ability, capability, capacity to use energy as a source to create something or a situation.

And Power as a theme:

  • To experience, learn and grow spiritually.

The lessons associated with Power are many, some examples are:

  • Love
  • Compassion
  • Forgiveness
  • Responsibility
  • Reciprocity
  • Control
  • Surrender

An Explanation: To Claim our Power
is to take responsibility. Which can lead to the realization that: To take responsibility is to know that we co-create our lessons and our reality, and to accept the results of our actions and inactions. To know that we co-create our lessons and our reality is to learn to forgive ourselves and others. To be able to forgive, we must learn compassion. Compassion comes through being connected to our hearts. The Love in our heart for ourselves and others leads to allowance: Allowing others the lessons that they and we need in order to grow emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

It does not mean standing by and doing nothing when people are suffering or dying. It means being on stand-by, so that they know you are there for them when they ask for help, and then helping as needed.

Allowance means also knowing when to surrender:to surrender our control over a situation, or an opinion of how something should be.And the ability to surrender leads to humbleness and humility. Humbleness and humility help to keep us in our integrity, which we need to exercise our

Power. Love is the source and the energy of All That Is.

Compassion is the true state of allowance.

Forgiveness is the key to releasing and healing of anger and pain; whether inflicted on us or by us.

Responsibility is what we need to take for our actions and the results thereof.

Reciprocity as the earthly version of the Divine Laws of: As above, so below -&- as within, so without. It has also been expressed as “Do unto others as you would be done unto” or as the boomerang Law of Karma.

Control is the self-discipline that is needed to guide our

And that to
Surrender is going with the flownot giving up or in, but with
AllowanceAllowing something; when we can go no further on our own, the knowing of when to ask for help, to release control.

Humility helps to keep us in our

Breathing Light

A Meditation:
Stand or sit with spine straight.

Imagine that you are standing under a waterfall. The water is washing over you, all around you, from the top of your head down to the bottom of your feet.

Now feel that water flowing not only over you, but through you, from the top of your head down to the bottom of your feet. Now feel the water getting lighter, softer, finer, more gentle. It is turning into Light, White Light.Feel this Light now flowing through you, washing you inside and outside, through all your cells, through every molecule, every atom, every electron, every particle of matter of your body, and every micron of space in between. With every in-breath, draw in Light through your crown. With every out-breath, you flush that Light from the top of the head down through your body, out through the soles of your feet. Breathing in Light, and flushing your body with Light. Do that for a minute now. Now as you breathe in Light through your crown, draw it down through your body to your solar plexus, and breathe it out through your solar plexus, radiating it out in all directions. Breathe in Light through your crown, radiate Light out through your solar plexus.Do that for a minute now.

The Process
Just remember that this Process is a Practice,—they are called practices because you need to practice them, and exercises are called that because you need to exercise them.

Claiming Your Power, Life-force, Energies, Abundance
and the Sovereignty over all Your Bodies

Please do not do this process until you have read through it and understand the implications, and understand what you are asking for when you do this practice. Now feel that Light, that is radiating out your solar plexus, expand outward in all directions, with every breath you take.  You now decree out-loud with a straight spine:  /Out-loud – We do this out loud to permeate our body with the sound-vibrations of our intent—which strengthens, amplifies, and reinforces our intent down to the molecular and atomic levels of our physical body—bringing our body into alignment with our intent.

You begin this process by invoking the presence of the Creator to witness your intention.“O thou, Creator and sustainer of all that is, the I AM THAT I AM,I, _______________(Your full name here)_______________, do hereby claim my full Power, Life-force, Energies, Abundance, and the Sovereignty over all my Bodies.The Power, Life-force, Energies, Abundance and the Sovereignty over all my Bodies that is mine by right of being. In the name of ALL THAT I AM, and the Law of Grace,I, _______________(Your full name here)_______________, do hereby cancel, nullify and delete all oaths, vows, promises, contracts, agreements and obligations that I may have made, whether consciously or unconsciously, with any and all beings

  • on all levels, dimensions, and realities,
    in all times and lives
  • past, present, future, NOW –

which are negative and detrimental to myself and my service to Creator, and all those in which I may have given away my Power, Life-force, Energies, Abundance, and Sovereignty over all my Bodies.I now claim my Power, Life-force, Energies, Abundance, and Sovereignty over all my Bodies back for myself. My Power, Life-force, Energies, Abundance nd the Sovereignty over all my Bodies are MINE AND MINE ALONE TO USE AND EXERCISE, in accordance with Divine Law. Whether I choose to use or exercise them or not, NONE may use, exercise, or lay claim to my Power, Life-force, Energies, Abundance, and Sovereignty over all my Bodies.

Cosmic Law states that Power (As is our Life-force, Energies, and Abundance) is there for all to use. If your power is unused—lying there, so to speak—then others may use it—without your knowledge! Unless you Claim Your Power and qualify it, by stating as above that it is yours and yours alone to use, etc…

The use of your Power without your knowledge is allowed and there are lots of beings out there that work very hard at keeping you in a state of confusion so that you won’t know that they have and are using your Power! This is one of the important reasons for you to Claim Your Power.

  • NONE may violate the sanctity nor damage, interfere, manipulate, trespass or inhibit the integrity and perfect functioning of all my bodies:
    – on all levels, dimensions, and realities,
    in all times and lives
  • Past, present, future, NOW.  Claiming Sovereignty over all your Bodies lets others know that interfering in the perfect functioning of all your bodies through implants, hooks, cords, etc… is no longer allowed—as you have set your boundaries, decreeing to the universe your intent. Like a landowner who has put up ‘No Trespassing’ signs, anyone who trespasses cannot claim that they did not know. But until you claim Sovereignty over all your Bodies you do not own them!!! They are open territory, so to speak, for any and all to stake a claim on/in.I ask my Highest-Self
    to make known to me now, those lessons that I wished to learn through the use or misuse of Power, Life-force, Energies, Abundance and the Sovereignty over all my Bodies, so that I may see if I have learned them or not and if those lessons are still relevant now.

It is important to know what those lessons are because it gives us clarity about our life situations, so we can practice discernment and integrity in our way of dealing with our very personal situations.

Also, our emotional bodies become addicted to the intensity of past experiences. As we look at what our lessons are—and whether we have learned them or not—we can see whether we are stuck in a replay of a lesson, simply because our emotional body wants to re-experience the intensity of the situation, or not. If our Higher-Self shows us that the lesson has been learned, we can then work with our Inner-Child (which controls our emotional body) to release those experiences from our bodies and your Inner-Child is not constantly drawing the same circumstances back to you, to re-create those intensities that it wishes to re-experience.

I now forgive those who have hurt me or wronged me, whether knowingly or unknowingly, in any way.

You can ask your Higher-Self to show you those who may have hurt you or wronged you in the past and present, that you need to forgive.

Remember that forgiveness is the key that unlocks the door to the healing and releasing of all wounds caused in the process of learning a lesson. If the wounds are not healed, the lessons are not considered learned, and we cannot progress to the next higher level of learning and evolution.

See Divine Unconditional Love flow from your heart to theirs and fill them up with Love until they are so saturated, that they themselves begin to radiate Love out in all directions.

(This may take a few minutes…)

And I ask all those whom I have hurt or wronged, whether knowingly or unknowingly, in any way for forgiveness.

You can ask your Higher-Self to show you those whom you may have hurt or wronged in the past and present, from whom you need to ask for forgiveness—also those who are ready to forgive you now.

See Divine Unconditional Love flow from their hearts to yours and fill yourself up with Love until you are so saturated that you begin to radiate Love out in all directions. Feel their forgiveness heal your wounds, and allow yourself to be forgiven.

(This may take a few minutes…)

I thank all who have participated with me in the lessons of Power, Life-force, Energies, Abundance and Sovereignty over all my Bodies.  Gratitude and acknowledgment are important as they keep us humble so that we truly know that no one ever does anything alone or on their own. Knowing that I, and those who co-create my lessons with me, do so out of Unconditional Love for each other, even though we may have forgotten this.

All who co-create together a lesson—and the situation in which to learn that lesson—do so out of Unconditional Love and free will. Only a soul who loves you deeply and strongly will agree to co-create the more painful or violent types of experiences and lessons (such as rape or murder) that your soul may have wished to experience and learn.

We almost always forget this the minute we incarnate here on earth.

I thank all for the lessons learned. I pray that the wisdom gained will serve to guide me in all future service for the Creator. I AM now taking responsibility for my Power, Life-force, Energies, Abundance and Sovereignty over all my Bodies. I ask for Divine Guidance to use my Power, Life-force, Energies, Abundance, and the Sovereignty over all my Bodies, for my highest good, for the highest good of all, with harm to none. Asking for Divine Guidance means using the Clarity of Discernment to discern that it really is Divine Guidance, as well as putting that guidance into use.I AM now empowering myself to be All That I AM in Love, Light, harmony, and balance, happiness, joy, peace, and compassion. Amen. Meaning so be it. And so it is.”  Initially, do the process:3 times in a row, 3 times a day, 3 days in a row.  The best time to do this is preferably in sunlight and outdoors. Repeat as often as needed!  You have now begun the process of claiming all that is innately yours. It is up to you how you manifest these abilities and qualities.

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