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Connection to your Inner-Child and Higher-Self

In this session Li Lan facilitates the Connection to your Inner-Child and Higher-Self, and helps to anchor these energetic parts of your being into your physical body.

The Inner-Child is to our emotional body what the ego is in relationship to our mental body. Your Inner-Child holds the key to your emotional well-being.

When we connect to your Inner-Child in its pure state, we experience that state of innocence and purity of Love and joy that is your true state of being. We can see addictive patterns that we all seem to repeat so often in our lives, and we help your Inner-Child to release the traumas and blockages that caused these addictive patterns that hold you back from positive growth and emotional maturity.

Your Higher-Self is that energetic part of you that is in constant contact with your Divine Soul. It is that divine aspect of yourself which functions as the central coordinator of your life’s plan. Your Higher-Self, since it is not anchored in linear time as we know it, has an overview of your complete development in any and all lifetimes and coordinates the timing of those lessons that you wish to learn and experience.

We connect to your Higher-Self, because the Higher-Self has the overview of your life’s plan. It can guide you to avoid the pitfalls and helps you stay in the Divine Flow. Your Higher-Self – unlike other spiritual guides that you may have – has only one agenda: Your highest good and interest. It does not represent any other groups, opinions or agendas.

Connections: Inner-Child and Higher-SelfThe personal path of evolution dictates that we eventually become and manifest as our Higher-Self. Establishing communications with your Higher-Self and getting feedback and guidance is the first step towards realizing and manifesting this goal.

Many people have concepts of the Inner-Child and Higher-Self, and in this Connection you will have a direct experience of both and be able to communicate with them. You will experience your body as a distinct consciousness with its own integrity. You will also work with Light, colors and breath, to facilitate the anchoring of these energetic parts of your being into your physical body.

Our lack of wholeness comes from not being connected at all times with our Inner-Child, our Higher-Self and our physical body. When we are connected, we become whole.

This Connection usually takes 3½ –4 hours and may take more than one session, depending on what a person needs in order for the anchoring process to be completed. They need to allow for time after the session to process, assimilate and to integrate.

The cost of this anchoring process is $555.-