The Karmic Release Process work presented here is built upon the foundational work that Diane Stein started in her work and from her books. The five-volume investigation into the realm of multidimensional karmic healing includes: We Are the Angels, Essential Energy Balancing, Reliance on the Light, Essential Energy Balancing II and Essential Energy Balancing III.

Diane Stein

Diane Stein is the author of 25 books–so far–on Women’s Spirituality and the Goddess, Wicca, psychic techniques, metaphysics, healing and Reiki, natural remedies for people and pets, crystals and gemstones, and karmic release.

I have been guided to rework and update the formulations of the Karmic Release Processes; based mainly from her book: Reliance on the Light; to bring them into a working compendium for clarity, easier access, and to prevent healing crisis from occurring. There are also newer processes here dealing with Service and Soul Contract changes.
( “Tools For The Next Step on the Ascension Path – Book 2 – Soul Contract Addendum Changes-A How to Manual on Making Changes to Your Soul Contract”)

There are no in depth explanations here. They are to be found in Diane Stein’s books. I am a firm believer of not repeating what is already well written by someone else. I highly recommend that you get her books and read them before you start to work with this compendium so that you have a complete understanding of the principles behind the processes.

This Compendium of Karmic Releases is written & recommended for Lightworkers and healers and those who are interested in getting to the core of their problems. I’m assuming that you already have a working knowledge of basic spiritual principles and are opened to inter and intra dimensional levels of communications although you may ask for help with these processes from an experienced teacher, guides, or healer if you do not have these abilities. Make sure that the person you ask is 100% of the Christed Unconditional Light & Love energy in their Being.

I also recommend that one does the Soul Contract changes that I have talked about and offer as they go hand in hand with the Karmic releases offered here.

Although Diane Stein does not specifically suggests working with Healing guides in conjunction with this Karmic release work, I do recommend using the format of opening a Coning (a protective energy Vortex) and asking to connect to a White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Team (or whatever healing teams you usually work with), and then of course the Lords of Karma and Divine Director.
I asked the Karmic Lords and Divine Director about it, and they are quite pleased to be part of a team, as it takes much of the pressure off of them and it eases and speeds up the process considerably.

Please read the different sections and processes several times before doing the processes to familiarize yourself with the wording and the flow of it, and to make sure that you completely understand all that you are asking for. Each Process is complete unto itself. It may seem that there are many, many repetitions and there are. Just be patient and trust that at every step of the way, if there is something you need to know, you will be shown, because without understanding and forgiveness, there can be no healing and no release. In any event, this is still shorter than living the karma out!

Do not try to do all the different Processes all at once! If you do, you’ll most likely burn out and end up with a healing crisis.

These releases work! They are the final piece of the puzzle that I have been waiting for. They complete and complement the Soul Contract Addendum change work that I had started. It is such a relief!….

….This is a GREAT dispensation, and as you read the attached document, you will realize how great a dispensation this is….

I was show that as more people reach the point of being able to do these processes, it is like dropping a pebble into a pond and seeing the ripples grow and spread, as more and more people do their Soul Contract work and cancel their (negative) karma and (negative) karmic contracts, the less conflict and negativity there will be, since there will be less promptings of (negative) Karmic actions and reactions.

The ramifications and potential are staggering!

Manual 3: Karmic Release
Manual 3: Introduction to Clearing Your Karma