Tools for the Next Step on the Ascension Path

– Book 3 –

A Compendium of Karmic Releases

Book 3: A Compendium of Karmic Releases

A Manual of Guided Karmic Release Processes

Second Edition – March 2008


[blockquote align=”center”]I connected to the Great White Brotherhood / Sisterhood of Light and the Ascended Masters back in the early 90’s and as I progressed on my path with them, there came the day that Upstairs (This is what I call my collective White Brotherhood / Sisterhood of Light teams, guides and angels) started to push me to write a book.[/blockquote]
Being one who came in on the rebel wave (we rebel against the status quo, get people out of their comfort zone, etc…), it totally irked me that there was strong sentiment within the spiritual scene (society, the world, etc…) that you weren’t someone unless you had written a book. That being the standard, I of course rebelled against it.

I immediately said “NO!”

Upstairs tricked me into writing a book, but I tricked them too, as my books are instead manuals: How-to guides, if you will!

The Great White Brotherhood of Light is all about Self-Empowerment: Here to give you the tools and explanations –the hows and whys- so that you can be independent and Sovereign; here to answer questions and to give you feedback (if you feel the need for it…). but not here to do it for you.

This is your job and responsibility!

Remember as you read this material, that exercises are there for you to exercise them, and practices are for you to practice them. For best results, many have found through the years that it is best to incorporate them into your everyday life. There is nothing in these manuals that I do not practice on a regular, if not daily, basis.

Love & Blessings,
Li Lan