Matrix Plus ( M+ ) Modules

Tools for the Next Step on the Ascension Path

A site dedicated to the teachings of The Great White Brotherhood of Light (and Sisterhood), the Ascended Masters and all of Li Lan’s many higher dimensional guides & angels.

— as realized by Li Lan Chan El-Lah-Rah

If you are new to, the easiest way to take your first steps with us is to listen to Li Lan’s radio interview about her work—and her many years of service.

A Manual of Guided Meditations and Processes

A How-To Manual on Making Changes to Your Soul Contract

A Manual of Guided Karmic Release Processes

Abilities & Focus

Li Lan Chan El-Lah-Rah is a teacher, healer and representative of The Great White Brotherhood of Light in conjunction with the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Earth and the Ascended Masters. She is also of the Office of the Christ and of the Office of the Mother of the Universe and of the World.

She is the physical aspect of the Eloha El-Lah-Rah (Eloha being the singular of Elohim). and a minister in the Universal Life Church.

Li Lan has been trained intensively since 1993 for her Connections: Energy work for individuals.

What Her Clients Say

Love & thanks to my spiritual family & the many friends who have offered encouragement and support through the years. Thanks and gratitude to all my teachers and guides … on all levels & dimensions!

"My first exposure to Li Lan was through her “Tools for the Next Step on the Ascension Path” ** course by one of her authorized teachers. I loved this course. It gave me new tools for meditating and connecting with Source to help clear debris in my path to spiritual enhancement."
"Your manual is very powerful! I did do one of the programs, very, very clear and it works. Then, the entire matrix shifted with so many healings it seems we have transcended the programming of the Egyptian lifetime, it feels cleared!!!! Thank you for your input and the willingness to help us. I feel you were a part of our shift…and so much healing that has occurred. I am still processing in awe. Thank you."