The Great White Brotherhood of Light

The words “White Brotherhood / Sisterhood of Light” have been used for centuries on earth to denote the group of beings that work toward the upliftment of souls—in their evolution towards the Light. “White” is used to denote all the rays of the light spectrum. “Brotherhood / Sisterhood” is used to denote not only the family of all of humanity, but the family of all life and consciousness, on all levels and dimensions.

St. Germaine: St. Germain[blockquote align=”left”]The Great White Brotherhood of Light has existed from the beginning of time in this universe. We exist in other dimensions and realities also.

The White Brotherhood / Sisterhood of Light does not look after special interests. We work toward the upliftment of the universe as a whole.[/blockquote]

Li Lan El-Lah-Rah: Her Work & Services


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