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Connection to ‘Balance & Harmony’ – that which we call ‘Health’

This Connection is for those who have physical problems, states of dis-ease and other imbalances that they wish to look at from a multi-dimensional point of view. Li Lan connects you to your higher dimensional healing teams, along with a White Brotherhood of Light healing team, to look at the cause of the dis-ease or imbalance.
As you explore the cause and origins of the problems on a conscious level, the teams work on the etheric levels to remove the blockages. Instructions are then given to the body to reprogram it to function in that state of Balance & Harmony¬ – that which we call Health.
Li Lan works with her White Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Light teams, incorporating the healing Energy-Element of The Divine Light of Gold and Flower Essences, when and where appropriate – and in conjunction with her Hathor sound team – to re-calibrate and realign the meridians and/or etheric blueprint and/or DNA-RNA programs as needed to complete the Connection work. More than one session may be needed.

A session usually lasts from 1 to 1½ hours and is different from the Connection to Multi-dimensional Structural Synthesis Therapy (MSST), as the client is required to be physically present.

The cost is $180,- /hour

This session is different from the Multi-dimensional Structural Synthesis Therapy (MSST) sessions as the client is not required to be physically present in the MSST sessions. Please read the page on MSST for detailed descriptions.