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What to do when the Energetic Roller Coaster Ride Is Too Much

From Li Lan Chan El-Lah-Rah

Energetic Roller Coaster Ride

Many have asked me how to deal with the energetic roller coaster ride, especially when we are reacting in ways that are not us.

The key is to be aware that we are indeed reacting. The further away we move from 3-D, the more irritating the lower frequency energies become. And we tend to react in old ways. We then berate ourselves for having reacted / behaved in the ways in which we did, adding guilt to the mixture.

    Does this sound familiar?

So what to do to stop reacting?

The following information should help.


1. When you feel irritated or angry, fearful, sad, etc… Stop!
    Ask yourself, “Is this – what I am feeling – mine?”
2. If the answer comes back “No!” – Ask, “Whose is it?”
    (Sometimes, what you are feeling may be just an energy / emotional front, much like a weather front, and it is just blowing through, attracted to the like energy you are holding in your body. When this is case, skip to Step 4.)

Knowing whose energy it is lets you know whether you are taking in / feeling these energies from someone else, and what your energy dynamic is in your relationship to that person.

Call in your healing teams, highest guides, angels, etc… You know, the usual…

Check for cords, connections, attachments, etc… from that person to you, and check also if you have any of these from you back to that person.

Ask your team to deal with these.

Ask if you are just feeling the energy / energies from that person, or whether you have taken them on from that person. If you have taken them on, continue with Step 3.

(If you experience that you are taking on or feeling energies from a particular individual quite often, then it would behoove you to check in with your Inner-Child and ask why your Inner-Child feels the need to do this. It might also help you to do a Karmic Release to release you from the karmic role you have set-up with that person.)

3. If the answer comes back “Yes, it is yours”, ask then “How much of it is yours in percentage?”
    If say, for example, that 30% is yours, ask “Who does the remaining 70% belong to?”

The rest percentage may belong to several people that you are connected with, and you should go back to Step 2.

The percentage lets you know the extent that the energy is connected to you.


The Process:

Just remember that practices are called that because you need to practice them, and exercises are called that because you need to exercise them.

4. Ask your body “Where is this energy (energies) being held in my body, and what color or colors does my body need in order to release it, so that it is no longer held inside my body?”
5. Draw in from the universe, down through your crown, the purist, clearest, highest, most beautiful color / colors that the body wants, down to where the energy is held. Saturate this place until the space is so saturated that it cannot hold anymore, that it spills over and radiates it out in all directions.
6. Ask that the energy that was pushed out of you by the color / colors be transmuted into the highest, clearest, purist of Light Energies and be sent back Home to the Light to its next highest level of evolution in Divine Creator’s Plan. (True recycling!)
7. Do this for each energy that you are experiencing that is yours, contained within your body.
    The reason we are working with colors is that each color is energy – each energy also has a corresponding sound and a specific function. By saturating the space with a color, you are filling a vacuum that would be created if you simply asked the energy to leave – taking note that ‘Where there is a vacuum, it calls to be filled’.

So we are doing two things here with just one action. We fill the vacuum and give the body the healing energy that it needs & wants in order to balance / heal the area.


The Lesson:

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We generate and draw stuff (energies, emotions, thought-forms, etc…) to us every day, and our physical body holds the total sum of everything we as individuals have ever experienced from any and all lifetimes.

The more stuff we hold in our body, the greater chance there is for energy waves to latch on – following the Universal Law of ‘Like attracts Like’. And this is then why you want to clear the body of the so-called ‘negative’, lower-density, vibrational energies. The less there are of these, the less you will attract their likeness to you. What remains are the so-called ‘good’ energies like joy, happiness, peace, etc.. – which then draws more of the same to you, but in an uplifting, ‘positive’ way.

You have not dealt with your so-called ‘negative’ stuff and issues, if they are being held within your body. Instead of surfing the waves, we end up crashing.


The Conclusion:

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This is the baggage that all spiritual traditions mention we need to release, when we begin on the spiritual path. Our baggage is constantly being accumulated with each life experience and it becomes harder for us and our body to release it, unless we practice Spiritual Hygiene – the energetic cleansing of our body and environment.

You can learn more about the importance and practice of Spiritual Hygiene in my first manual:

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Hope this helps. For more personal, specific help feel free to check under Services at or contact me.

Last but not least, a sense of humor always helps, so in that light…

    “What do two masters do when they meet?”
“They give each other the 3rd eye!”
(If you have a better one, eMail it to me!)

Love & Blessings,
Li Lan