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Connection to ‘The Divine Light of Gold’

The physical element gold has been considered, from time immemorial, to be the master healer. The lists of its healing and harmonizing properties are endless, whether worn as jewelry or taken internally as an elixir.

In March 1997, the Divine Light Element of Gold was released from deep within the earth, where it had been held in safety – awaiting the day when humanity’s development would reach a level where this master healing element could be accessed and used, according to Divine Guidance.

The Divine Light Element of Gold is an Interface Element – a Divine Light Element – which means it is composed of the finest, purist, highest and smallest particle of the physical element gold on Earth
– and –
the lowest of the etheric gold from the higher dimension that is now physically on Earth. It is only available now because the Earth is no longer wholly in the third-dimension. Its properties are healing and its energies are transformational on an all-encompassing level – without the limitations of physical gold.

Li Lan calls it the Divine Light Element of Gold because the element is so fine, it is almost like Light particles.

The Connection to ‘The Divine Light of Gold’ allows a healer to access that physical and etheric element traits of the Divine Light Element of Gold and channel it, enhancing the healing modalities of all healing work – whether this be with people, animals or earth energies and grid work.

The Connection is carried out on an individual basis in conjunction with Li Lan’s White Brotherhood / Sisterhood of Light teams alongside and including the higher dimensional healing teams of the initiate healer involved. This is done so as to establish the correct channels in the physical body of the healer, ensuring that the healer’s body is sufficiently in Balance & Harmony, to be able to handle the flow of the Divine Light Element of Gold – absolutely mandatory, so that as this Divine Light Element flows, there is no transference of the personal energies of the healer to the receiver, and so that the healer will not blow a fuse. (Flower Essences can be used to help stabilize the connection.)

The Connection to ‘The Divine Light of Gold’ is a once-only connection. It takes from 1 to 2 hours, depending on the amount of preparatory work needed to establish clear channels in the initiate healer.

The cost is $333.-

There are now other Divine Light Elements available. Please ask for details.