Testimonial | Soul Contract Addendum Changes | Shelley

Dear Li Lan

Just a note of gratitude to say thanks to you for the profound changes that have been made in my life through the Soul Contract Addendum Changes.

I would also like to acknowledge the Lords of Karma for their assistance with the cancellation of all of my off-planet negative Soul Contracts. I was not consciously aware of any of these contracts and how they were controlling my behavior and influencing my reality. This has brought to my awareness the undeniable truth that humanity has had a intimate relationship with extra-terrestrials and although in the past it has been negative in it’s nature we have the power within ourselves as a race to forgive and move on with our choice to evolve as a collective. This begins with an individual choice to clear; release and heal old karma.

Which brings to mind my definition of forgiveness: To give up all hope for a better or different yesterday with all those that I have had past experiences with; whether these experiences are positive or negative and stay in the eternal now moment of unconditional love.

Thank-you to all those beings of Light who assisted with this process.

Yours in the light and love,