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Testimonial | Connections | AsariA, New Mexico

Testimonial | Connections

“Li Lan is skilled in ways of “healing” that go beyond the scope of most to understand.

Feel and benefit from her talents, yes;
understand with the logical mind, no.

I want to say she is a “healers healer”. However there is so much more to her modalities than that. The planes and levels of knowledge and awareness that are revealed to and through her have been rarely available to those of human form. Heartfelt dedication is her key to this arena of action.

I am blessed and inspired by knowing Li Lan.

On a personal level her treatments ad-ministered to me have been powerfully on target and concisely and quickly accomplished. Where others might effort, she simply does.

I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone with the wisdom to accept her loving care in anticipation of soul evolution, mental soothing and body healing on every possible level.”

AsariA | New Mexico