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Testimonial | Post Trauma Stress Dis-order / Dis-ease Module ( M+ ) | G. Brown

Post Trauma Stress Dis-order / Dis-ease ( PTSD ) Module Testimonial | PTSD Module ( M+ )

Hi …,

So you want an ‘update’. OK, here it is. I waited because there was a planetary configuration going on at the same time and it is a “feel good” one for me. I didn’t want to confuse the two as I am very sensitive and ‘feel’ these planetary movements. So I waited, but truly, the effects began right away.

A few days after (receiving the PTSD Module ), I started to feel better than I had for quite a few years. Depression that tried to get to me was easily banished, and that sense of Futility took a hike. Physically I have more energy. I don’t know if this was supposed to work on the ‘body’ or not but I have more energy and am feeling physically . . . (hmmmm . . . ?) MORE! I can’t really find a word to convey the feeling, I feel “healed”. My back is almost fully restored along with my bladder problem which seems to be getting better with each week. My feet don’t hurt unless I wear the wrong shoes for walking more than 30 minutes, and the swelling in my feet is gone. My shoes have not fit my feet “normally” in many years! My mind . . . is Clearer than it has been in Years! I am feeling “rejuvenated”, much more energetic and willing to “try again” at life. (was ready to LEAVE!!!!!!!!!) Some things don’t bother me nearly as much as they did before; guess I am becoming more “impersonal” (?) in my interactions with people who usually vex me.

I am sleeping much more deeply and have had a few vivid dreams – haven’t done that in many years. I also seem be more at peace with my ‘body’ issues which have improved immensely, and automatically making better food selections easily. (yes, I still eat sweets, but smaller portions and in a different way!?!)

I find myself interested in jewelry making once again, and am taking a class I found (Very Inexpensive basic class in a modality I had wanted to learn but was quite expensive). Soooo . . . . looks like things are getting BETTER.

Really, I didn’t mean to keep you waiting, I just wanted to make sure that it wasn’t a dream that I would awaken from to find nothing had ‘changed’! You are AmaZing!!!!!!

G. Brown