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Cleansing at Bear Butte:

[blockquote align=”left”]I first met Li Lan in 1996, when she visited Bear Butte Lodge, in Sturgis, SD.[/blockquote]

My wife and I were stationed there as volunteers facilitating a Native American children’s cultural camp we had founded on a 40 acre ranch we bought for that purpose. Li Lan recognized the nature and importance of our work to help Native elders restore the cultural pride, identity and self-esteem of their grandchildren, before they were lost to drug and alcohol abuse. She also recognized and suggested the importance of my undertaking a four-hour cleanse, so that not only I, but also our camp, could move onto our destinies. With the advantage of 20-20 hindsight, I am certain that this cleansing:

  • •Led us to sell our ranch to the Rosebud Sioux Tribe to carry on the camp. A medicine man conducted a ceremony at the transfer of the papers, exclaiming that a Sioux prophecy alerted them that a portion of their most sacred mountain, Bear Butte, would return to them, but they did not know who would carry it out, until that moment. This act was especially historic because it was the first time any tribe of the Great Sioux Nation was restored land at Bear Butte and the first time that the Rosebud Sioux regained a foothold on the Black Hills since Custer’s defeat at Little Big Horn.
  • Led me to Australia for a 40-day “walkabout”, spanning a great basin, The Great Australian Bight, two deserts, two oceans, four seas and five mountain ranges…”

Violet Flame of Transmutation on domestic violence:

“Two years ago our teenager on “angel dust” burst into our home in an outrage, shouting, throwing furniture and threatening the lives of my wife and myself. I was torn between placing myself between him and my wife and returning to my office to invoke the Violet Flame of Transmutation upon him. I chose the latter and INSTANTLY I heard his shouting in rage become calm talking. Li Lan trained me to use this invocation three years earlier, and in doing so, she may very well have been instrumental in saving our lives. (Our teenager not only survived. He is well on his path as a spiritual warrior and I admire him.)

In summary, [blockquote align=”center”]Li Lan has proven over the past seven years to be one of the most important teachers I have ever had.[/blockquote] Her intimate knowledge of MAP – The Co- Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program from The Great White Brother/Sisterhood of Light and her wise counsel in its application for my development has enhanced my life, almost without parallel. I cannot think of anything more effective that I could recommend to anyone who wanted to experience a spiritual breakthrough and turbo-charge his or her life than working with Li Lan. I am proud to call her my teacher and I am ready for the next step.

Where do I sign, Li Lan?

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