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Seasonal allergies anyone ? – Taryn Crimi

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tumblr_m3eyvlwW1R1rqgjnfo1_500 (2)Seasonal allergies anyone ? – Taryn Crimi

Today we would like to focus your attention on the topic of seasonal allergies. Many in the northern hemisphere are suffering from some form of seasonal allergy. Many seem to dread this time of the year when winter begins to fade and the flowers and trees begin to blossom for the shear discomfort that they experience. It is our intention today to share with you nature’s true intention and how you may use this energy to your advantage.

Many are quick to reach for the fastest remedy in order to relieve some of the most common ailments reported by millions during this time of transition. This is a time of great rejuvenation, a bountiful rebirth of all that has been tucked away and integrated in the winter months. Why would this time of rebirth and rejuvenation of nature be meant to benefit all except you? How is it that some have never been impacted by seasonal allergies while others seem to be plagued by them? Is it simply luck that determines who is negatively affected by seasonal allergies, causing only some to suffer? Certainly not! This is what we would like to further expand upon in this message to you today.

The transitions of all seasons are a time of great release, clearing, integration and rebirth. The transition of winter to spring is the time of rebirth. It brings valuable energy for you to use as you wish. Certainly you have the opportunity to use this tremendous energy for your benefit, however like everything in your reality if energy is not consciously directed by you it will be left to follow the directives given by subconscious belief patterns.

The beginning months of the year are often spent envisioning new goals, desires and creations that you intend to manifest for yourselves. The energy that is being offered at this time is here to assist you in creating these manifestations for yourselves. However it can only be of service if you allow it. Put this energy to work for you, rather than allowing it to become stuck inside you. Energy is meant to flow in abundance. We would describe this energy as having the potential to be a “shot of adrenaline”. It is a burst of energy given at the most opportune time to support you in making your dreams your reality.

Often you are met with the strong urge to “clean house” in the transition from winter to spring. This comes as no surprise as it is largely due to the energies offered by nature at this time to help you to release what is no longer serving you after you have taken the winter months to integrate all of the new ideas, beliefs and energy that the summer months had to offer.

Often you will find that you begin to lay new foundations in the month of April; carefully creating the platform you will require to build your dreams and desires upon. You will soon see how steady your foundation is as you proceed to build upon this foundation in the coming months. Just as any structure is only as strong as the foundation it has been built upon, so too are your creations only as strong as the beliefs you have used to manifest them.

It is a collective belief of the human population at this time that seasonal allergies can create pain, discomfort, and distress for the body. This is not to say that all believe this, we are simply saying it is a collective belief held by very many. However with the proper intention and understanding of this energy you may look forward to this time of great transition for the wonderful and transformational opportunities that this energy brings. You may wield this energy in a positive direction to allow these energies to benefit you, rather than to impede you.

When these energies are not directed with conscious intent you will often feel the strain on your physical body. This of course can manifest in numerous ways, sinus blockage, scratchy throat, excessive fatigue, feeling overwhelmed, headaches, just to name a few. However when these energies are put to use with your conscious effort and intention you will feel recharged, uplifted, healthy, and vibrant because you are in a state of allowing. You are open to the divine flow, which allows this energy to easily pass through you in abundance.

Those who experience the distress of seasonal allergies suffer from a form of “blockage” which often manifests in the sinus cavity. This of course is no coincidence. You are creating blockage in your physical vessel because there is a blockage of the powerful energy at this time. Nothing is created in the physical before it is first manifested in the spiritual. Energy is meant to flow through you, if it is blocked it will manifest in the physical to “get your attention”; not as a form of punishment but rather to help you see that the energy that is meant to benefit you is being held back. This resistance prevents the energy from bringing to you all that the transition is meant to.

Many rarely realize that this discomfort and suffering is directly caused by their own doing, however with the conscious knowledge of this tremendous energy which is meant to serve and benefit all, you will now have the opportunity to direct this energy in a new way. It can be an instantaneous transformation once you realize that your suffering is not mandatory, it is not the result of luck or chance, but rather it is an experience manifested by “default”; simply because many have been unaware of the true purpose of this energy.

So why is it that some seem to be completely unaffected by seasonal allergies? Does this mean that they are consciously using this energy to their advantage? In some cases yes, although there are still others who simply do not hold the belief that seasonal allergies will negatively impact them. This does not however guarantee that they are using this energy in a conscious manner to allow the optimum benefit to be gained. It simply means that they will not be negatively affected by the discomfort of seasonal allergies. We are sharing this message with you today to help you to understand more about how to consciously utilize this powerful energy burst to your advantage.

You may wonder how one could use this seasonal energy to benefit their being rather than to cause discomfort. First, remember that energy is neutral; you may do with it what you like. All you must know is that it is there for your use. Your intention and of course your belief in your ability to transmute and utilize this energy for your benefit is all that is required of you. For those that doubt their ability to utilize this energy for their benefit, we remind you that you seem to have no problem utilizing this energy to create discomfort for yourself, why not now use it to create your desires?

Our suggestion is, now that you are consciously aware of the tremendous power that you have at your disposal you may now put it to good use with your intention to do so. What would you like to create with this burst of energy given to you abundantly by Mother Nature? Would you like to create more abundance of health, wealth, peace, love, friendship, relaxation or excitement? You are free to do what you wish with this energy. It is yours to create with.

We welcome you to call upon us to help you assimilate and utilize these energies for your higher good. As always we stand eagerly beside you just waiting for your invitation to assist you in any way we can.

We hope that this message has in some way served you.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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