You are currently viewing Welcome to my new updated website!

Welcome to my new updated website!

Dear ones,

Welcome to my new website! David Rader and I (mostly David) have worked hard on making this site fresh, easy to navigate and most of all — up-to-date technologically!

I am so happy that the site is now live! And I’m most happy about our new updated StarOrchid Logo! It seems to have a magic pull to it that makes me smile every time I look at it!

Each month we plan to add a question and answer interview on subjects of interest. This will be found in the  Resources tab under Li Lan’s Recordings . So if you have questions about something you wish to delve more in-depth into, eMail us and we will see how we can be of service.

You can now subscribe to this site / blog per RSS feed or you can be updated by email. We hope you will take advantage of this to stay connected to us. And of course, the StarOrchid email Newsletter will remain in place. Those who are signed up will remain signed up and those who wish to sign up can do so  here .

We now have a PayPal shopping cart and you do not need a PayPal account and will be able to pay with your credit card for all Services and Books. When you buy a book now, you will be able to pay and afterwards you will receive a link to download the book immediately! No more emailing me and waiting for me to send you the PDF file! David has also been reformatting the books and they will also have a fresh look and will be easier to read. Not all 3 books are done at this point, this is still a work in progress…

You will notice that listed under the Resources tab is a  Recommended Products  page. This is new and we are signed up as Amazon Associates. When you click on any product listed it will take you directly to Amazon. This allows us to earn a small commission on your sale if you use our link and complete a sale while on our link. This does not affect your price at all and is a cost of doing business for the associated companies. The money earned from these commissions are like a tip at a restaurant and help support the maintenance of the website and free content without advertisements. We will be adding more products as time passes- supplements and other healing products- that I have found helpful to myself and my clients for maintaining health. So check back often to see what is new at our store!

You may have noticed that I’m referring to “us” and as “we”. This is because with David added to my team, StarOrchid has become a co-creative production. I thank the day that I met David-online! He is not only the web designer and webmaster of this site, he is also the “Cosmic” agent that I have been waiting for years for! “Upstairs” has pointed in the direction that my work needs to go and that is for me to travel and teach more, something that I had scaled back almost completely when Hank was alive. So if you are interested in having me in your area, David is the man to contact! He is in the process of setting up his “Cosmic” Agency and will at some point in the future also be available to represent others who need his services as an agent for spiritual teachers, helping them by doing all the administrative and bureaucratic, organizational work that drives us crazy because all we want to do is just to do our work (what ever that may be) and not spend all our time and energy organizing … So now, with David in the picture, the future of my work and mission is one step further along!

I’m excited at this new phase of my life and through this Blog, you will be able to take part in my journey and hopefully vice versa.

We hope you will enjoy the new updated site and look forward to your  feedback .

Love & Blessings

Li Lan