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A Message For Your Heart Supporting You in the Creation of Personal Peace and World Peace – Sri’ama Qala and the Enlightened Masters

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du_logo-smlA Message For Your Heart Supporting You in the Creation of Personal Peace and World Peace – Sri’ama Qala and the Enlightened Masters

In the ancient times of the Earth, we each lived simpler lives and lived in closer connection to the earth. It was easier through this simple life to build our light and feed our bodies with the light of the Earth and the Universe.

In these times now, our energy systems are developing at the same potential as our world’s technology. We are transcending the realms of duality and fear to become crystalline light beings with higher gifts activated and with access to our higher consciousness so we may be less limited and access our inherent power or sovereignty, and through our free will and use of our energy, truly make a difference.

This difference we make, may seem small or large in the eyes of others, but to the earth mother and to the heart of God, and your holy spirit… this difference you make is a divine blessing and cannot be measured.

The culmination of your acts, deeds and words that are sourced from the energy of your heart, are indeed influencing many unseen dimensions and many seen dimensions of your reality and humanity’s society. And you are CHANGING THE WORLD, beloved.

It may seem slow, but with great respect and love, we wish to share with you, that time is but a perception and only exists in the mind, and beyond the mind, your world is indeed simply realms of energy, exchanging.

These realms of energy live within you and also flow through you to create your reality on earth. Your physical experience is created also by the exchanges you make through these realms.

An unseen, unknown part of yourself is always at work beloved, just as the known seen aspect of yourself, is. Together, all forces within yourself, known and unknown, create your reality and it is only when you rest in your heart and receive the light and love of your Source, do all forces meet and unite as one spirit, or as one creator.

When this occurs, your heart is your home and from your heart, your unknown and known self co-create in harmony and balance.

Peace is the experience of your soul when this occurs, and from this place of peace, all of your endeavours, intentions, and circumstances can come into a manifestation of supporting you and your life purpose and many others who come to you to exchange energy with you.

Planetary peace is a notion or concept of the mind, yet it is also a vision in the hearts of many on earth. This vision is being held by many more people as a heart wish and through this, as a collective, humanity is in the preparatory stages of co-creating this.

What will bring world peace about, you may ask?

If you are on the path of peace, you are already awakened to the choice that you wish to live in peace and have chosen to take responsibility for any disharmony you may have created or create through holding internal battle with your unseen, unknown nature and your seen, known nature.

To help bring about world peace, the next step is to develop your gifts as a peacemaker, so your choices in life will indeed create a deeper level of peace, not only for yourself, but for all others.


Through attuning to the following five keys, you will be creating world peace with all other peacemakers, and as you do this, any unconscious parts of yourself will come into peace and harmony and let go of internal battles with your heart and all you are guided to through your heart.

1. As a peacemaker, teach yourself not to take sides in situations of conflict and instead, choose to learn to simply hold the light, eternal truth and compassion for all those in conflict in any situation.

2. As a peacemaker, teach yourself to see that any soul or group in conflict, is in truth, in conflict within, and is experiencing an internal battle within their own energy field through conflict between their conscious – seen, known, and unconscious – unseen, unknown self.

3. As a peacemaker, accept that the unconscious nature of humanity is “divine and important” even if it is in battle or seemingly against the nature of the heart.

4. As a peacemaker, encourage your own unconscious nature or ego to receive love, compassion, and consciously choose to give love and compassion to the unconscious nature in others instead of rejecting or separating your energy and heart from them.

5. As a peacemaker, accept you have the power to call on a pillar of peace to ground through you for any purpose, to bring the frequency of peace into any situation or circumstance as your heart guides you. Expect that this will have an effect and give thanks for the peace that will manifest after you do this. Do not place a time limit on the manifestation of peace in the situation. Simply ask for the pillar of peace and give thanks for the manifestation of peace and continue on your path as if this peace has already manifested.


When enough souls pave the way as peacemakers, humanity will open its eyes and the collective of humanity will begin to believe that peace is possible. This will change the world, all of the world…

Know you have the power to change your world and through developing these five gifts as a peacemaker, you may embody peace for all beings. Peace will surround you and in your life, you will experience peace, beloved.

Whether it is that you need more peace at work, or more peace at home, or more peace in your partnership, or more peace with your finances, or more peace with your body… you may heal any internal battle you may hold that creates a lack of peace in any area of your life, by…

1. Taking responsibility for your unconscious – unseen, unknown self that may be in an internal battle with your conscious – seen, known self.

2. Trust that through returning to your heart and the source energy of your heart, regarding every matter you feel a lack of peace with, and seeking the truth within that is held in your heart to guide you on your path of healing any internal conflict, you will manifest peace within.

3. Choose to surrender what is not working, and flow with what is working in your life. Accept the responsibility that what is not working in your life is in a process of transformation and will be fully transformed when you no longer have an internal battle regarding it. Choose to surrender all expectations and fears and desires regarding what is not working and as you do this, ask for a pillar of peace to ground into this part of your life and choose not to separate your heart from it, or no longer give love to it. Choose instead to send love and compassion into it and hold love and compassion for yourself fully, without rejecting it.

As you practice these 3 sacred aspects of resolving all to peace, and you practice the 5 keys of developing greater peace, we ask that you trust in your own heart beloveds, for in the deepest core of your heart, lays all the divine truth you need.

All is within you.
You are a blessed being of light.
Your heart and light are larger than you believe they could ever be.
You are growing through every act, deed or word that creates peace.
Peace is embodying through all of your acts and deeds.

Blessed Be the Earth
Blessed Be Humanity
Blessed Be all Peacemakers
Blessed Be all Beings!

With all our love and blessings,
Sri’ama Qala and the Enlightened Masters

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