The Helical Model – Animation | Our Solar System is a Vortex

The Helical Model – Vortex Solar System Animation

Forget the old heliocentric model – our solar system is a vortex!

LINK: planets visible throughout the year:

The old Newtonion/Copernican Heliocentric model of our solar system is an unproven theory. In fact it is a false one.

Since our solar system travels through space, the planets do NOT revolve around the Sun in a circular fashion.
They are “dragged” behind the Sun in a spiral: vortex motion. In fact, after 365 days the Earth does NOT return to the starting point of its orbit.

For me, the heliocentric model symbolizes the circle: going round and round till you drop dead. The helical model symbolizes life, growth, progress – you never return to your starting point. This is a philosophical matter as much as it is a scientific one.
We are NOT in a big marry-go-round. We are on a journey.

This has GREAT consequences for the physics involved, because rotational motion and vortex motion are two completely different things:

In Nature, everything spirals. Life itself is vortex motion.