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MSST: The Healer’s Set of Sessions
Journey of the Wounded Healer  1984-1985, oil on linen, 224 x 90 in.

MSST: The Healer’s Set of Sessions

Due to the extraordinary value and effect of the sets of sessions that were designed for the Multi-dimensional Structural Synthesis Therapy (MSST) program—and due to the demand for them by healers who wanted to go deeply into their issues and blockages that kept them from working at their optimum levels—it was decided that this set be made available to healers and others who wanted to explore their healing abilities, but who did not wish to take the full MSST training program.

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Multi-dimensional Structural Synthesis Therapy (MSST) This set of sessions consists of the four sessions listed in the
MSST: Complete Outline for Training Program.

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Sessions are carried out on an individual basis, in person—one on one. The sessions allow you to experience and explore yourself on multi-dimensional levels, helping to bring forth those emotional themes and issues which are blocking connections, providing awareness for yourself as a Being of Light.

[blockquote align=”center”]We cannot help make others whole, without experiencing wholeness first in ourselves.[/blockquote]

Through the healing of wounds (from this life and previous incarnations) and the integration of the special gifts and talents which you have, you become empowered and begin to recognize yourself as a Divine Light Being in a human body. You begin to lift yourself to that level of Divine Unconditional Love that is necessary so that healing can takes place, in yourself and others.