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Multi-dimensional Structural Synthesis Therapy (MSST) -//- Training Program

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The MSST training program consists of individual sessions and workshops (may be in groups). The sessions are the foundation upon which the MSST training stands. The sessions allows us to experience these higher dimensions and connects us consciously to these our other bodies so we can experience them and the energy levels associated with them.

In Multi-dimensional Structural Synthesis Therapy the therapist can only affect those levels and bodies that the therapist can reach themselves. For example: One cannot affect the Causal Body if one’s energies are not able to reach and hold energy at that level. Likewise, the more knowledge one has of the detailed workings of the different bodies, the more one can affect the workings of those bodies. The workshops are the framework, and teaches one how to use the Control Board- the etheric technology that allows the therapist to access the different bodies / levels / teams in a new, and energy / time efficient way. And the required reading and study the walls and rooms of the specific area of expertise of the Healer.

MSST can be used two-fold.

  1. As a way to learn how to be a medical Intuitive, that is, how to discern / read the different bodies and levels using the Control Board and the feedback with the higher dimensional teams.
  2. With the information gathered, then affect the balancing and harmonizing of the bodies to bring about wholeness/healing.

The proficient use of the MSST Control Board depends on the amount of time and energy one invests in learning about the bodies, how they function etc…

  • For beginners interested in accessing & developing their healing abilities, the MSST training is a comprehensive program designed to provide a firm foundation from which to build from.
  • For those who are already healers / health practitioners, the MSST training provides a method which cuts down the time factor and maximizes the energy output and efficiency of the healing Energies.

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Multi-dimensional Structural Synthesis Therapy (MSST)
… Learning how to do it, should be considered a Path in its own right.
And when one starts on a path, there are fundamental steps that need to be learned and mastered.

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Below you will find an overview of just what Multi-dimensional Structural Synthesis Therapy (MSST) is all about:
[toggle title=”The Sessions”]Sessions are done on an individual basis and unlike other sessions the trainee is required to be there in person – one on one.

The sessions allows us to experience and explore ourselves on multi-dimensional levels, helping us to bring forth those emotional themes and issues which are blocking connections and awareness of ourselves as Beings of Light. Through the healing of our wounds (from this life and previous incarnations) and the integration of the special gifts and talents which we have, we empower ourselves and begin to recognize ourselves as Divine Light Beings in human bodies. We begin to lift ourselves to that level of Unconditional Love that is necessary so that Healing can takes place, in ourselves and others. We cannot help make others whole without experiencing wholeness first in ourselves.

All sessions are required and cannot be skipped, abbreviated or left out.

[toggle title=”The Workshops”]Workshops may be individual and/or in groups. The experience with all the energetic parts of us that we have experienced with our Self in the sessions, we now begin to extend to others, to share and exchange discoveries and experiences. The workshops allow us to join together, to practice together, to practice on one another under supervision. The workshops can be very intense times of bonding and sharing while gaining proficiency in the MSST method.

[toggle title=”Necessary Agreements”]Each individual enrolling in the Training program is asked to consider the following itemized areas of agreements carefully prior to enrollment. By enrolling in the program, you consciously choose to honor the agreements that follows:

Commitment: We each commit to being open; to ourselves and to each other; to explore, face and heal our issues- doing whatever work is required to assist ourselves to move to our highest level of clarity of Discernment, purity of Intention and impeccability of Integrity. We each commit to gentleness and harmlessness to ourselves and to others, to keeping a journal of our individual explorations, discoveries, and realizations. And finally, we commit our Hearts to Creator so that we may touch all hearts with unconditional Love. (As that is the prerequisite to Wholeness / Healing.)

Confidentiality: We agree that all that is experienced within the group – shared secrets, stories, experiences, information- stays within the group and is not shared with any outside the group without the express permission of the member involved.

Responsibility: We each agree to be responsible for our own experiences, knowing that we get out of the training what we are willing to put into it, that we are “Co” creators of our reality and that we create our reality with our thoughts through the focusing of our Intention, powering them with our will, and fueling them with our love.

[toggle title=”Investments Required”]Time: The following program is listed in the order of the steps as they are needed to be taken. One step builds upon the previous step taken to finally complete the whole. There are four sessions required, and three (or more) weekend workshops. Extra sessions are encouraged to allow one to really go in depth into certain areas that may prove to need more work to resolve. Time must be allowed between the learning, practicing and mastering of techniques and the assimilation and integration of experiences and realizations. Journaling is an important tool in this process of growth and awakening and is required. How long it takes to complete the training depends on the individual. Although an individual could finish the program in 1 year if they set their Intent on it.
Certification is only after the completion of the required sessions, workshops, a minimum of 100 hrs of practice healing session (documented) (can be considered as community service) without charge to clients, and the successful completion of the exam.

Required Reading: The trainee is responsible for the acquisition of the books and CD-ROM (for those who have a computer) on the required Reading List for MSST Training.

Money: Prices for the sessions and workshop are listed separately in the training schedule outline. Workshops payments are to be made at the time of registration for the workshop. A deposit of $50,- per Sessions are to paid at the time of booking a session. Funds paid are non-refundable. In the event of personal crisis or emergency, funds are applicable to future session, workshops or activities.

[toggle title=”Enrollment”]To enroll, send a letter with your full name, address, contact phone number, date of birth and stating why you wish to take this training & what you hope to get out of it. What does healing and being a healer mean to you. Please nclude a short biography and curricula vitae. If accepted, this letter will form the beginning of the journal that you will keep for the length of the training.

Acceptance is dependant on what your Higher-Self says whether it is appropriate for you to enter into the program after completing the session to connect and anchor the Inner Child and Higher Self into the Body.