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Multi-dimensional Structural Synthesis Therapy (MSST)

Multi-dimensional Structural Synthesis Therapy (MSST) is an innovative form of healing brought through by Li Lan and her White Brotherhood / Sisterhood of Light medical and technology guides. It uses etheric technology that allows Li Lan to check through a person’s many bodies for discordant and disruptive programs, energies and influences – which can cause states of dis-ease and imbalance – and then to clear and heal those bodies in a fast and energy efficient manner.

Multi-dimensional Structural Synthesis Therapy (MSST)Once Li Lan has permission from a person’s Higher-Self, they are connected to a White Brotherhood / Sisterhood of Light medical team that works to facilitate the healing on all the bodies and levels. She then checks through their physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, causal and etheric bodies, as well as their auric field, and identifies the disruptive programs, energies and influences that interfere with the ability to live life to the fullest.

These programs, energies and influences (many from past lives) may manifest themselves as health issues, addictions, patterns of behavior or life challenges. Once identified, Li Lan – along with her White Brotherhood / Sisterhood of Light teams – then clears the different bodies of the discordant energies, programs and influences. She then realigns, re-calibrates and/or repairs the bodies in question to bring them up to an optimal level of function using the etheric technology that she has programmed with her White Brotherhood / Sisterhood of Light teams.

In the physical body, MSST can remove patterns and memories at the cellular and DNA-RNA levels, remove blockages to energy flow, clear programs that one may have inherited and upgrade the Light Quotient level of the body – thus raising and restoring the balance of energy flow of the body, thereby activating the body’s natural healing abilities. Healing can only take place for those issues that are not a part of the present life’s learning themes. MSST never interferes with a soul’s purpose or with a person’s freedom of choice.

With this system of healing, it is no longer necessary to do the old-fashioned type of psychic surgery to heal a person. Analogy: It is the difference between bloody surgery and the surgery performed a la ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’, where they just beam the foreign particles out. That is as close to describing the difference between this and other systems that exist. In fact, the patient is not required to be physically present for the healing to take place. They need only be in a receptive state.

MSST is quick and healing in many cases can be instantly effective. It is excellent for acute conditions and clients report major improvement with pain conditions, major release of toxins and a greater sense of vitality and feelings of well-being. Chronic conditions may need a series of sessions as there is often a layering effect of causes & effects, like the layers of an onion. There is often a need on the part of the patient to allow the changes that are affected by MSST to be assimilated and integrated before proceeding to the next layer.

The Connection to MSST usually takes 1 – 1½ hours and may take more than one session, depending on what a person needs in order for the healing process to be completed. They also need to allow for time after the session to process, to assimilate and to integrate.

The cost of a Multi-dimensional Structural Synthesis Therapy session is
$ 180. – / hour  (Half-hour minimum, billed in 15 minute increments.)
and is available in person or by phone.