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Humility- A Rare Virtue – El Morya received by Julie Miller

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magicalchildHumility- A Rare Virtue – El Morya Received by Julie Miller

One of the rarest of virtues in your global community is humility. Your world is filled with so many that is filled with an innate need to compete with one another even for the smallest of things that truly have no value to the soul. There are many dear souls that truly believe that if they are to succeed, they must become aggressive. We have witnessed with great interest that the fundamental teachings of self-esteem have gone for many – overboard to the point many dear souls are instead prideful and become self-worshiping. Hold in your mind, body, heart and spirit that HUMILITY dear ones is truly a GRACE that is meant to treasured, not squandered.

It is well understood that true humility allows each of you to do something for others without ever expecting anything in return. The humble person always is mindful of his/her relationship with God and this relationship holds great value. The humbled dear soul searches for ways to please God through every thought and action that is derived from the pureness of their heart that is filled with unconditional love. Comprehend dear ones the humble fact that humility is not to be considered a weakness; when in actuality it is a strength – an Inner Knowledge that creates unequaled Wisdom. We see humility dear ones as a rich love that is divine in its nature and through humility you illuminate God’s Love that is definitely alive in your dear hearts.

If you take a look at the definition of the word, “humble” you might find similar words describing one that is not proud or arrogant. Some definitions describe humble as a being of tender respect. To be humble does not mean you are to be supressed or to feel weakened, but see humbleness as the Free Will of any person that is willing to transcend any feeling of hopelessness in order to meet certain needs to achieve what is meant to be accomplished.

It is also acknowledged that humility is a humble assessment of your own Self. It is essential to not think of yourself more highly than you think you should but see and think of yourself with honest and clear judgment in agreement with the level of faith God has provided you. Humility in itself dear ones holds a self-abasing attitude; it is not looking to be popular or famous in views of society. Instead the gentleness of humility represents the Glory of God in all you do.

Think of the two classes of being poor. There is being poor by circumstance or by choice. To be poor by circumstance occurs when there is nothing extra in ideals of material items. Then there are people who are poor by choice. By living through a poorer lifestyle there is much to be gained dear ones within the Glory of God. Through the eyes of the poor, the spirit is still rich with the humbleness of God. Great wisdom can be found when you understand what it means to already have all that you need. It is well known, some of the wisest of people came out of poor conditions. We have observed many people cannot discover this level of self-knowledge until they have lived a poor or poverty life-style. Understand dear ones; humility is the true wisdom of the spiritually mature soul when they can actually realize their complete self-inadequacies and not searching after self-sufficiency.

We see many dear souls that are said to be “full of themselves”, when we witness such dear souls we see they have no room for God. As long as you hold onto even the smallest piece of your Ego, your WILL rests unavailable to those of the Divine, mainly God. The basic truth of all that you are dear ones centers humility on your spiritual path. We see the difficulties many of you have when you attempt to connect to us of the Divine. Your difficulties lay in your ability to confuse the sacredness of Emptiness with Self-Centeredness, your Ego remains while you attempt contact and many times an arrogant nature permeates the energy around you and these heavy constraints work against lightening your heart from the shadows that sometimes feel like they are closing in. We encourage you dear ones to apply your love filled efforts ultimately towards humility, which will forward you towards seeing more clearly what you have created within yourself and what is there on the outside.

When you work through your heart to include humility as part of your journey, you will feel compelled to pray and reach for God. Look around you dear ones. See your clothes, your food, your furniture and other niceties that you have and think of how much of what you have could you have made on your own. When you are able to see even a small portion of what you have around you is because of other people it is clear that material dependency exists within your life and journey. When you see with honest and truthful eyes you will also see that the beauty of the Divine is within you and all around you as well. Think dear ones that all your Hope and Possibilities derive from all the efforts you apply and these efforts are matched by the Grace of God. Remember dear ones; each step you take towards God is a step God also takes towards you.

We are positive your journey has taken you on an exciting route where you have met remarkable people, and likely you have met someone who is characterized as being humble. A humble person is one that you will find yourself completely at ease – relaxation is instantaneous and within this person’s presence you know you can be yourself and there will never be need to compete for anything with such a person as they hold no judgment over anyone. That is because dear ones, the heart of someone who is truly humble really knows what unconditional love is. It is through humility that one learns about the interconnectedness of being human – and to God each of you are equal in His eyes.

Remember dear ones to not misunderstand humility as being passive or filled with a timid nature of inactivity. Remind yourself that humility stems out of acceptance – from understanding your true place within your global community that is also an essential need to humanity and to your life’s journey. Humility will produce confidence when you realize within each of you is a beautiful Divine Spark that has been given to each of you through the Glory of God. Through this Divine Spark you are prompted to discover your individuality that is inseparable from the greater whole of everything. You will discover through time and applied effort that your actual purpose will be discovered when you are being fully yourself while remaining completely part of all that is. It is through humility dear ones that you discover the path that will lead you to your WHOLENESS.

Through spiritual transformations a deeper understanding of yourself lays in wait for you to discover the passions that drive your heart and soul. But if you allow your personality to only serve your self-centered Ego you will prevent yourself from entering your own central core of your own beautiful heart. When you set out to practice humility you are not trying to change your personality, instead you are attempting to open the support that is behind it that leads you to the Divine Source of that mighty spark. By focusing on the Divine Spark that is within your heart you will learn to end the need to place yourself above others and end the attitude of me-first-ness.

Have you wondered dear ones just who is at the central core of your mind? It is good to question yourself dear ones with thought-provoking questions such as: Can I see the falseness of putting everything connected to my Self, my Ego which I know really has no existence? When I pray, am I able to access the important motion of true prayer, or freely and consciously giving my innermost place, my own Will to God? Through such questions you will cultivate humility dear ones. If you truly wish to be able to love, then we suggest you dear ones to bare your heart in humility.

We observe some of you still attach to a negative self-image and in truth respect is not given for the natural gifts that many of you have – as a result this is a demonstration of not being humble. When you remain clinging to negative thought-forms, your actions reveal a lack of gratitude towards God who gave you those gifts. By wallowing in negative thought-forms you create a fake form of humility – hating yourself while God continues to love you. This kind of negative actions speaks volumes to God and it is understood that God does bear witness, hears and sees all as He is everywhere – He is only a heartbeat away.

Spiritual humility when properly understood asks for a strong sagacity of your Self; the greater the humility provides you with the understanding of your Self. Many masters upon your Earthly realm have remarked that humility is observing and understanding the truth about your whole self within the world you live, not just in the area which you live but on a global scale. We remind you, Jesus Christ was both gentle and humble. He did not require to boast in order to be heard; He spoke God’s Word and told of unconditional love that is there for all who believe. Jesus clearly demonstrated his unwaveringly strong sagacity of Self.

Throughout many cultures humility is discussed and taught. In some divine cultures humility is described as a way of loving our beloved Jesus and recommends ALL can live this way. There are many ways which will lead you to Jesus and still live a progressive life. Both Jesus and His Merciful Father will guide you towards a life that is fulfilling and filled with grace and humility that is based on unconditional love.

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Miller