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Face your Dust – it will Set you Free | Dana Mrkich

Dana MrkichIt is an energetic fact of life that whenever we commit to a new intention everything within us that is not in alignment with that new intention comes up. It comes up because it is responding to our intention. It comes up so that we can acknowledge it, address it, learn anything we are yet to learn from it, and finally transform or release it. Our new intention can thus manifest without any self-sabotage or blocks in the way. So this ‘coming up’ is a good thing, but as it comes up we can feel suffocated by the dust it is raising and this feels to us like a ‘bad’ thing.

On a personal level our new gratitude intentions suddenly have us confronting a barrage of unexpected bills and a head full of fearful, lack-oriented thoughts. Our commitment to deeper acceptance brings up a wealth of anger and resentment that has been simmering under the surface for years. Our decision to look for meaningful work is met by the offer of a promotion at our current job and our resolution to open up to our soulmate often invites phone calls from ex’s. Our desire for more creativity and passion triggers a bout of self-doubt and depression.

This ‘dust’ that has been raised is often misinterpreted by people as ‘My intentions aren’t working! Everything is as bad as ever if not worse!’ Meanwhile our energy must feel very frustrated, because here it is thinking it is helping us in the greatest way possible and we are feeling like it is sabotaging us or ignoring us!

Our energy helps us by shining a spotlight into every nook and cranny of our being in direct response to our new intentions. It highlights and magnifies every belief, every thought pattern, every past experience, every cellular memory and every personality aspect that is connected to our new intention including the ways in which those parts of us are working against our new intention. This spotlight is showing us: Look, this is what you believe, this is how you think, this is the part of you that has been creating that old reality, and here is the part of you that needs to awaken if you want to create a different, new reality. Our energy holds up mirrors in front of us: Look, this is how you see yourself, this is how you feel about yourself, this is what you believe you are worth, this is what you’ve been attracting and here is why.

This process happens to us individually, and it is happening right now very intensely on a collective level. As a society we are being called to a higher level of intentions regarding how we want our world to look and feel. Thus, we are being confronted with all the many ways in which the systems in our world are working against those intentions. On the surface, a time of great transformation looks and feels like we are standing in the middle of a building that is coming down around us, choking us with dust. When we look and feel from a space of greater consciousness we know that this ‘dust’ is a good thing, a positive sign that the old is leaving and the new is awakening and rising up.

If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.
– Gospel of Thomas

Living in a more conscious way as an individual, and as a society, takes strength and courage. It takes strength and courage because the truths that get revealed as part of the process are often easier in the short term to keep looking away from. However in the long term that which we choose to continue to deny and ignore has the ability to make us sick or feel trapped in a reality of unfulfilled potential. On the other hand, that which we bravely choose to confront holds the keys to help catapult us into a new way of living and being.

Pay attention right now to what is calling for your attention. As our intentions come from a higher place, all that is not in alignment will feel louder, heavier and harder to bear until confronted. You can be sure that whatever is feeling ‘loud’ and ‘heavy’ to you right now is the ‘dust’ you need to see, dust that is a direct response to the intentions you have put out, or played a part in putting out together with the collective. Don’t dismiss the dust or ignore it or let it suffocate you into submission. Ask it what it is wanting to tell you? What thoughts is it asking you to shift? What emotions is it asking you to feel? What actions is it asking you to take? What truths is it wanting you to face? What intentions is it asking you to remember and re-commit to? Bless the dust, because the dust is showing you truth and – yes I have to go there – the truth will set you free. The truth will set us all free.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013