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The Cosmic Window

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A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon

In this final message of the year we wish to address an energetic opportunity for the elevation of consciousness and the illumination of your mind, heart and body. We call this the Cosmic Window because it is an opening through which you can more easily transcend the perceived limitations of time and space.

The window we are speaking about in this message begins on December 21, 2012 (the Winter Solstice) and continues for three days, through December 23, 2012. This Cosmic Window is visited twice every year during both the Winter and Spring Solstices.

As each year progresses various planetary and galactic alignments take place and “color” the window through which you can perceive your expanded nature. There are other cosmic windows as well.

Two of Earth’s most frequent cosmic windows occur just before sunrise and just after sunset. These two windows are dimensional portals through which you can peer more easily through the veils that separate the worlds. Shamans are well aware of these auspicious moments, but the Cosmic Window we are speaking about in this message has greater import, due to its alignment with the galactic core, the Central Sun of your galaxy, which is, in fact, a black hole.

This particular and rare alignment will result in a broadcasting of evolutionary energies throughout the galaxy. Your Earth is one of innumerable planets receiving this energy of upliftment.

As we view it, this cosmic alignment does not sound the end of your world, but it does herald a new beginning. How each of you deals with these catalytic evolutionary energies is a personal choice.

Indeed many individuals might experience these intense energies as an irritant. If you are not prepared mentally, emotionally and energetically to jump to higher levels within yourself, these energies can make you feel like you’re losing your mind.

If, however, you are aligned with the movement upward you will be carried by these energies. They can open extraordinary vistas for you if you are open to them.

This three-day period is an ideal time to contemplate your life from the vantage point of expanded states of consciousness, to step outside your timeline to sense the patterns of your life and your personal history that have brought you to this point in time.

Do not shy away from those portions of your earthly experience that have been and perhaps are, difficult. There are treasures to be found in the shadows.

Indeed, it is from the shadows of your collective and personal history that new energies will be released. Our suggestion on how to enter into this window centers around the Aethos Sound Meditation.

We suggest you read a previous message entitled The Aethos and Non-dual States of Consciousness to more fully understand the method. We suggest you work with the five-minute version of the sound meditation unless you are familiar and comfortable with the intense upwardly moving energetics of this catalytic sound piece in the longer version.

At various moments throughout this three-day period we suggest you set aside some time in which you will not be disturbed. Listen to the Aethos Sound Meditation with your focus of attention in your heart chakra, unless you have discovered that focusing in another chakra imparts more powerful experiences.

After listening to the Aethos Sound Meditation imagine in whatever way feels comfortable to you that some part of you floats up above your timeline. Imagine that this part of you can sense your entire history and perhaps the histories of previous lives as well.

Resting in this transcendent state of mind, contemplate the mysterious gift and burden of your embodied life.

If you stumble upon a “knotty” or difficult situation that brings you down from your transcendent state into the emotional cauldron of regret, anger, despair and/or hopelessness, pause and return to the Aethos Sound Meditation again and rise upward, as it were, upon it’s wings to your transcendent nature and contemplate again. For some of you this may take many cycles.

We suggest you undertake this as many times as you are comfortable with during this three-day period. If you can manage yourself through the art of patience we suggest you avoid the temptation to create outcomes until the last portion of this window, which will be in the evening of December 23. The more deeply you contemplate your life in the manner we have described the more powerful your creations will be.

In a previous Planetary Message entitled The Sphere of All Possibilities, we shared a method for manifesting positive outcomes in your life. We suggest reading this if you do not have a personal method for manifesting. Seeding new realities during the final phase of this Cosmic Window will greatly assist your creations.

Finally, we ask that in the final portions of the Cosmic Window, the evening of the 23rd, you add the powers of your consciousness toward a planetary outcome. Envision planetary cooperation and humanity’s collective recognition of life’s inter-connectedness as we described it in The Aethos and Non-dual States of Consciousness.

The great vessel of humanity is poised to change direction. As the winds of change press against the sails of this metaphorical ship, do not be concerned as the ship lists as one side or the other presses against the waters of collective emotion.

The keel will keep your vessel safe. The keel is your human heart and whatever occurs around you, set your keel deep into the waters, and you will find safe passage.

The Hathors
December 4, 2012


Tom’s Thoughts and Observations

In terms of practicalities, I would like to clarify one part of this message for those who might not be familiar with floating up above their timelines.

The basic method is simply to listen to the Aethos Sound Meditation with awareness in your heart chakra. (If you have already experimented with this sound piece and find that you have more vivid experiences when you place your mental focus in some other chakra, then you might choose to focus there.)

After listening to the five-minute version of the sound meditation, the Hathors suggest that you….“ imagine that some part of you floats up above your timeline. Imagine that this part of you can sense your entire history and perhaps the histories of previous lives as well.”

If you are an experienced Argonaut of the Mind, then you probably have your own way of slipping through the knot of perceived time and space to experience your expanded nature. And from this aspect of yourself you can “view” your life from a position outside life’s constraints, so to speak. And as the Hathors said, some of you might find yourselves contemplating other life times as well.

If you are new to this type of brain skill, and don’t know how to proceed with this phase of the contemplation, I have a couple of suggestions.

Suggestion Number One:

Imagine a line in front of you. Sense this line in whatever way that feels comfortable to you. This mediation is in no way a visualization, and it is immaterial whether you see anything or not.

You will naturally tend to sense this imaginary timeline in your own primary sensory modality (meaning the sense you use most often when remembering events in the past or imagining events in the future). For some of you this might mean that you “feel” the timeline in some way especially if you are a kinesthetic processor of information. Others (called auditory processors) might have an internal voice that describes the timeline, while visual processors will tend to have a mental impression of “seeing” the timeline. Just go with how you sense the timeline when you imagine it.

Next, imagine that at one end of this line is your birth and the portion of the line directly in front of you is the current moment of your life. The other end of the line, not yet defined, is your death. For some people, their births will be off to the left while others may sense it off to the right. It doesn’t matter where the birth point of your life is.

Then as you contemplate various incidents in your life, locate them along the line in your imagination. Thus, if something occurred that was significant when you were five years old, it would be closer to your birth point than say something that happened when you were forty, and so forth.

The goal of this contemplation is to sense your life and the choices you have made from the vantage point of your expanded nature. In order to accomplish this change in perspective (or vantage point), imagine that some part of you floats up above the timeline that is directly in front of your physical body. You might find that this “floating part of you” is just above you, or it might be very far above you. Let the “part” float to the position it wishes to, and then observe your timeline and your personal history from this location outside the constraints of your physical body.

In this message, the Hathors suggest listening to the Aethos Sound Meditation for five-minutes (with awareness in your heart chakra) and then to contemplate the situations in your life from the vantage point that is above your imagined timeline.

One result of this perspective (i.e., outside and above your timeline) is that you become less identified with the specific events of your life and more identified with the expanded aspects of your nature. This expanded sense of yourself transcends the stories of your life—your personal history—and connects you with an aspect of your consciousness that is unfettered by the circumstances of your past. Through the shifting of self-identity from “your life” as it is experienced in your timeline, you can make contact with your larger Self that views your personal history quite differently than the “you” that is living your life as a human.

This shift of perspective brings with it a greater sense of self-compassion (or self-love) as well as a type of grace that often eludes those of us living our lives as embodied beings.

I have worked with the basic method that the Hathors describe, but find it more powerful to listen to the Aethos Sound Meditation for a few minutes before contemplating my life, and then continue listening to the extended version of the sound meditation while viewing my life above my imagined timeline (the one that is in front of my physical body).

I find that keeping my focus in my heart chakra while listening and floating up above my timeline creates a lot more energy, imparts deeper insights and generates very interesting holographic types of visual imagery when I hit a significant event in my past.

I ran this observation by one of my mentors and he said that this way of working was highly effective, but might be too powerful for those new to the sound meditation.
The reason for this is that the Aethos Sound Meditation is a very high vibrational energy and can start a spiritual purification process in the listener. So practically speaking, I think it best to work with the five-minute version first, before venturing into the longer thirty-minute version. But once you get accustomed to the sound meditation, see if the method I just described works for you.

Suggestion Number Two:

Some people are simply not good at imagining geometric forms, even lines, much less working with them. If you are such a person, this next suggestion works quite well.

Forget about timelines altogether, and instead, listen to the Aethos Sound Meditation for five-minutes with awareness in your heart chakra. Then immediately after listening, think about your life and the crucial events in your past. Keep your focus of attention in your heart chakra while you do this. Then when you hit a “knot” or emotional charge, keep your focus in your heart chakra while you contemplate the event(s). If the emotional charge builds too much, return to the five-minute version of the sound meditation keeping your focus in your heart until the emotional charge of the remembered event(s) recedes from your mind. When you get an expanded sense of yourself again, stop the sound meditation and return to contemplation of the past event(s). Continue to work with your past in this way until you have neutralized the impact of the memory/memories.

The goal of the meditation is to view your life from an expanded sense of yourself. And from this expanded sense of your personal identity (i.e., outside perceived time and space), your views of yourself and your past will change.

The Mysterious Gift

I found a phrase in this message to be of particular interest to me, and it occurred in the portion of the communication where the Hathors were addressing the goal of this specific contemplation.

“Resting in this transcendent state of mind, contemplate the mysterious gift and burden of your embodied life.”

It is interesting that the Hathors, who reside primarily in the fourth through the twelfth dimensions, would view embodied life as both a gift and a burden. What did they mean by this? I had my own thoughts on the matter but went to my mentors and asked them to clarify.

They essentially said that human life is a rare and precious opportunity to learn dimensional mastery, meaning the ability to navigate through time and space, while operating from a realization of being transcendent to time and space. This is the gift of embodiment, as they view it, because the tension between our infinite natures and the finite limitations of our bodies is the stuff out of which greater spiritual mastery arises.

The burden of human embodied life, from their perspective, comes from the fact that we humans are wedged between the constraints of time, place and circumstance—most of which serve to reinforce our sense of limitation.

Add to this the unrelenting force of entropy and the ever-constant pull from the gravity-well of Earth, and you really have something to contend with.
Indeed, the task of making contact with our infinite unbounded natures while operating within the reality of physical and cultural constraints is, in many ways, a herculean effort. And that is why life is, to borrow a phrase from Joseph Campbell, the hero’s (or heroine’s) journey.

Note: The parenthesis is mine. The actual phrase attributed to Campbell is the hero’s journey. My personal sense is that he was using the masculine form to refer to both men and women—as that was (and still is) the social convention. While some may think it is splitting hairs to delineate both the hero and the heroine, I think the inclusion of the feminine in the mythic template of heroism is vital. Social realities are shaped by both physical necessity and mythic/religious symbolism. Indeed, from my sense of things, mythic symbolism is a potent force that moves through the tapestry of culture and affects us in ways we are largely unaware of. In the reality of earthly life, women are often cast into the roles (and/or necessity) of being heroic, just as men often are. I think it is time to raise men and women to equal footing on this matter.

The Contemplation of Life

It occurred to me, after receiving this message, that the method the Hathors gave for contemplating our lives during the Cosmic Window would be a powerful transformational tool anytime—especially during life transitions.

I ran this by my mentors , and they said yes, the method could be used anytime to great benefit. It is simply that this specific Cosmic Window is particularly charged with catalytic energies, which is why they brought the technique forward at this time.

Although I addressed it earlier, I think it would be helpful to return to the pivotal point of the method for those of you who wish to use this technique after we have passed through this particular alignment.

The crucial concept behind the method is our habitual act of self-identification. Normally, we self-identify through our bodily existence. We experience our life as a linear movement through time and space.

This is our biological reality, and as human mammals we are bound to this via our nervous systems and the necessity to orient ourselves to the realities of the physical world in order to survive.

However, there is an aspect of ourselves that is transcendent to time and space, or at the very least, somewhat detached from it.

How you get to this expanded sense of yourself is immaterial. What is important is the act of stepping outside the box of your own self-identifications.

The Aethos Sound Meditation is one way to step outside “the box.” There are many other ways to do this as well. How you get there is not that important.  However, stepping into an expanded sense of yourself is vital. It is from this expanded sense of Self that you can contemplate your life from a perspective that is not bound by the stories and the conflicts of your life.

There is power in doing this.

Final Thoughts

The Hathors say that the third and final day of the Cosmic Window, December 23rd, is a potent window for personal manifesting. And if you wish to explore this opportunity using their method for creation, I suggest you read their planetary message, The Sphere of All Possibilities.

It is during this final phase of the Cosmic Window that the Hathors put forth a request. They ask that we add the powers of our intent to a specific planetary outcome—the collective recognition of life’s interconnectedness and the necessity for planetary cooperation between the peoples of the world (as opposed to conflict).

Their suggestion on how to accomplish this task appears in one of their previous messages, The Aethos and Non-dual States of Consciousness. You can find a link to the Aethos Sound Meditation at the end of this message and you can also find a link to the sound meditation in the Listening section of the website.

You can locate all past Hathor Planetary messages in the Archives section of the website by clicking on the Hathors tab that appears on the Home Page.

Information Unrelated to this Message

We have posted several new audio files in the Listening section of the website, including an excerpt from a Hathor Intensive called Transmissions of Light.

The potent sound meditations that took place during the Intensive have been collected into a single CD that centers around the seven endocrine glands for the purpose of infusing them with spiritual light. This new recording is now available as both a physical CD and/or as an mp3 audio download.

Click here for further information about Transmissions of Light.

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