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Map of the New Reality – Meredith Murphy

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Map of new realityMap of the New Reality-Meredith Murphy

Recognition of Where You Are

February dawns and we begin to realize where we really are: we’re in the middle, each of us emerging into the new in perfect time. We’re in the middle of bridging the old into the new. In the middle of crossing from one reality into another. in the middle of downloading and integrating all that is taking place, and all we’ve summoned. We’re in a moment of releasing ourselves to the wisdom of SOUL, recognizing that it is Soul–the expansive aspect encompassing the continuum of our own being, which is wisely orchestrating our participation in this here, this now. Rather then feeling this Soul as something separate, outside of us, dictating–mysteriously–this moment, that moment, we are beginning to remember that Soul flows forth animating this experience and we are learning the dance of this sentience. The incredible dance of conscious, multidimensional collaboration with All-That-Is, in the form of our fully realized, most expansive, inclusive self–as Soul.


We’re still connected to the old because we bridge from it into the new. We’re continuing to release, to reclaim the fullness of our energies, and we’ve encountered one of the first conundrums of the New Reality: how do we concentrate in a new bandwidth of frequency, fully present, while not shutting down the expansiveness and freedom that’s here and also that’s still unfolding?

It’s sinking in that we’re on the other side of the completion of a major cycle in existence. The disappointment of the 2012 prophecies, and/or the subsequent joy of noticing the subtle energies have become a bit more familiar now and the process is deepening.

Everyone awake can feel that big changes have happened, but they’re still coming forth in terms of meaning and understanding. The re-interpretation of the disappointment has helped some of us realize that subtler energies aka higher frequencies, in abundance were never going to show up in our lives with the explosiveness and fireworks some felt sure to happen and which we ourselves we may have anticipated at least on one day in particular. We’ve let go of that wish for an explosive ending ushering in the new beginning, and perhaps we’ve even realized the gift in this pacing–more gentle, more easy to assimilate, less “frying” for lack of a better work <smile> and begun to allow ourselves to notice what has changed. This invites us into a elaborated relationship with self-trust and self-knowing; as we claim what we know, our vibration rises and our empowerment increases.

Our innate wisdom can narrate our journey for us if we can tune in, slow down and be present enough to listen. Of course, then we also have to trust what we hear. This new and most vital conversation, which opens up an awareness of our own ability to hear and trust ourselves, is a key in making the passage into higher consciousness–it’s our compass.

To find our way once we’re over the pass and into the promise land, we’ll have to use a method of knowing, of aligning and of orienting, moment to moment, that is reliable and true. This can only be achieved through our inner connection. So even if we’re in a new land, the ability to understand and make choices in this new landscape will only create a different experience to the degree we’re able to let ourselves tune to this newness and orient with our inner heart-centered compass which is multidimensional and entrained to the rhythms and current of Cosmic Consciousness.

The Pass to Higher Consciousness

The ascent over the pass and arrival into a new challenge, dimensional domain of higher consciousness left us spent, exhausted and barely able to celebrate this incredible accomplishment. In addition to being very tired still, many of us experienced a feeling of not even sure how to celebrate anymore. The meaning-void in which we arrived was so foreign, so unexpected and yet ironically, so liberating in it’s refusal to dictate our experience, creating a void in which only we could create. For much of January this energy felt expansive, yet thick and unclear, and in that our old ways of establishing our structure in new beginnings feel flat and useless. It simply, to our Soul-relief, did not work.

Truth is, this is all a blessing and an indicator. A blessing in that it places us outside of our history, frees us from our prior creative patterns and modalities to live truly in the present, empowered and whole. It’s also an indicator that we’re in new lands, vibrationally. Lands, or domains, bands of frequency literally where things that worked somewhere else don’t work here, a confirmation that stuff is different fundamentally even though on some levels of perception it still may look or feel similar.

As we begin to absorb the reality that we really have the option to live in this new domain of being, we’re not necessarily comforted. Instead what arises is something we have perhaps touched earlier in life but which is nonetheless daunting. And for those who never encountered it until now, it’s beyond intense; it’s terrifying.

We’re introduced to the terrifying freedom and spaciousness of being able to make our own meaning.

The Terrifying Freedom and Spaciousness of the New Reality

One thing we never anticipated was the intensity of these subtle, higher vibrational energies of love meeting our memories, our histories, our existing consciousness patterns and our associations with all of these fields of information and energy and the patterns they created.

There was a blessings in dying,literally–physically–and being re-born into higher forms and states of consciousness in our human history: you came in with a clear slate. It’s immensely disorienting and intense to release yourself from your own bounds of imprisonment and limitation and to re-establish your conscious relationship with reality. To create your own Map of the New Reality. This is, of course, what you did once already in this lifetime. But there is no familiarity with living a life as an adult human with the same disorienting beginner status typically reserved for small infants or young children. Remind yourself of this when you want to lie down and are longing for comfort, but remain aware that you are gifted right now with an amazing opportunity: the chance to map the territory of meaning and life on Earth as a human being, the the dawn of the new golden age. Don’t rush, don’t use other people’s insights, harvest everything at stake here by orienting through and with yourself.

The Challenge

The metaphysical and existential fear of realizing you create your own meaning is something most humans avoid.

Despite the longing in all of us, innate, for freedom, the actual experience is more overwhelming then anticipated.

I remember earlier in life in my 30’s when my own religious beliefs dissolved over a series of experiences, insights, releases and new concepts of understanding existence and reality. The idea that there was not a particular “purpose” that I needed to find within myself and then express shook me to the core. I understood that who I am includes innate qualities, yes, but that what I did with them didn’t have a prescription that I needed to discovered and then followed. This shift was a formidable realization to integrate. It took me several years to get even get used to this knowledge being part of my life. Even then, I didn’t live this truth to the fullness of it’s potential–it was simply too overwhelming to attempt, much less accomplish. I was happy having more freedom than I had before and used what was easy to access and which answered immediate drives for expression with a resounding, “Yes!”

In hindsight now, I see that these existential insights and the accompanying challenge prepared me for now. They were a foreshadowing which tempered me for now, and I thank the wisdom of my Soul for this baptism, preparing me for this now moment. Even so, re-experiencing a much more elaborate version of this clear slate and incredible freedom has created a sense of elation, disorientation and even waves of depression for me as I sit in my “not knowing-ness” or what I think of as the meaning-void. Gradually I am finding an authentic way to respond to this, as many of us are. I am opening myself to the deeper meaning of this insight now that the the New Reality has opened within my perception and on Earth. It is from a willingness to tap this deeper current of our lives that we open to the deeper feelings, deeper insights, deeper knowings and ultimately the deeper truth, the ability to align spherically across many dimensions…THIS is what we aspired to and summoned. I try to remind myself of this when the challenge feels intense and I want ease and comfort.

Your Relationship to Not Knowing

To play in the New Reality is not for the faint of heart. There will be many who we thought would come with us, who we always wanted the best for, who may stay put, waving to us from afar, choosing to live as they have, or perhaps as I did in the past–taking some strides into more stretched-out versions of life, but not yet ready to embrace their freedom as fully as it is being offered. This is more than okay–it’s divinely orchestrated. Some people will simply die, and with their death, de-energize old patterns from our collective current and gradually life on Earth will transform. Some will harvest what they wish to and that may mean continuing to play in the old game because there is still learning and healing, wholeness and insight to be gleaned there. This deep connection with Soul that arises from awakening is pushing and pulling all of us, regardless of how we’re currently oriented. Trust. The departure of some will allow the light to buoyantly surface. The continual harvest of others will create deeper pathways of awakening. And some of us are actively, courageously exploring and calling forth this expansion on the leading edge. Embrace all ways we’re playing.

Transparency and authenticity are clearly themes in the New Reality, yet living in this way requires a present-moment focus and choices that arises from that awareness, not from a target or goal “figured out” or chosen because it sounds or looks good or which someone else chose or which we used to want. Archangel Michael in his most recent message reminds us, “You ARE the Blueprint: Let Go and Be You.” Meaning–don’t look for or create a blueprint for how to live, let your own innate structure be made manifest harmonically and energetically. The only way to do this is by showing up to live deeply and allowing your presence to accumulate and through this accumulation and relationships, seeing ourselves and experiencing ourselves more deeply. You willingness to live life in your own comfortable version of the relationship to “not knowing” is your way of perfectly participating in this now, and helping to establish the New Direction for life on Earth.

Knowing Ourselves through Relationship

As you show up, choosing over and over to live with a sustained awareness of the New Reality, you discover who you are in relationship to others. Abraham-Hicks reminds us often that contrast and our relationship with others, “makes you, you.” We need each other in order to have a sense of what and who we are. The contrast allows our uniqueness to be visible. Realize that the “others” might be people, relationships, situations, trees, animals, memories, that this takes many forms, but nevertheless it is through the combination of our individuated human perspective and all that we encounter that we wake up to who we are. Gradually we’ll learn to participate in the New Reality in ways that are built upon our authentic expression, our true being, our freedom and the empowerment that is our true nature.

For those of us who came here, choosing to live through the pass over into the “promised land” this bridging of one experience to the next is a unique and challenging aspect of our ascension and divine embodiment as higher frequency humans. We came here to create the New Human from within the construct of physical form and while changing the very landscape and bodies in which we live and are focused. It’s a different experience than those being born now into this new potential. We have to unlearn our old ways and patterns, and open to new ones, experiencing all that comes with such a fundamental metamorphosis.

Discovering & Releasing Attachments to Structure, Patterns & Vestiges of Identity

Despite being in new terrain, and Earth clearly having completed the transit, we’re still going to discover and release structure, patterns and other vestiges of our old identity. That is because evolution is ongoing, even if the vibrational shift for the planet has now taken place.

Like all transitions there is a middle ground and like all of evolution there are tipping points and quieter moments, but the essence is ongoing dynamic change.

We also know from life that we don’t go from the old right into the new, when there is an ending. There is always a transition space, that typically is an uncomfortable time of standing in the middle of the road–not in the old, not yet in the new. We’re actually bridging one reality to the next and with this, we’ll eventually, I hope, entirely drop the associations with the bridging at some point. I’m 50 now and I’m not sure how long this will take or if it will even happen entirely in this life experience. It may. It may not. I have to be honest and comfortable with my own not-knowing to live honestly within the New Paradigm, participating fully and letting my life stream be part of creating the New Reality. This means honestly acknowledging that this is a process, and my joyful frequency is best served by pacing myself as suits my own unique life.

Every experience I have of expansion, releases more of the bridge from the old. My comfort with freedom grows as I learn to live in not-knowing and allow myself to choose without winnowing my choices into duality: one being better than another. As I learn to live without the story of duality, without a program, a pattern, a project, a goal, being used to give my life identity, to create or define who I am, I open to the potential that I simply am valuable as I am. From this I allow myself to consider that what matters to me matter because I matter. At this intersection of meaning and truth, I can fully be all I came here to be.

I allow myself to use projects or ways I’m focused as expression–without some idea that they need to be perfect, but with a realization that they are perfect–they are what they are, which is intrinsically valuable. Things I do love and find beautiful are important because I am important–a vital aspect of Creation. It’s as simple as that. This is a very different frame of reference than our old ideas of making ourselves beautiful, meaningful, valuable or even spiritual, because of doing, seemingly through accomplishments, with beliefs, because of “enlightened ideas” or behaviors.

To embrace that all of life is spiritual and shift into Unity is to move beyond this labeling of things and to let the old fall away. The truth of being–that each perfect expression of Source Energy here on Earth, including ME, is doing exactly what is needed for the evolution and delight of our soul–can then shift us into the expansive freedom available. We can brave this freedom with the support of one another, the wisdom of our Soul connection and in this newness we can begin to see just how far we can let ourselves go into that spaciousness and creativity and bless that–not needing it to be different. Letting ourselves do this our own way.

Our Ability and Our Willingness to Expand Our Comfort with Freedom will Grow

As we begin this deep, new, conversation we can take notice of our ability and our willingness to expand our comfort with this freedom and our trust that it will grow. Can we feel this? Can we allow this to comfort us and give us boldness and strength? Do we deeply know that this growth is natural and it’s the momentum of life on Earth? I invite you to consider that this unfolding is already happening, that we don’t have to work at it, we just learn to relate to it with a willingness to let it evolve and develop. We give ourselves a break–letting ourselves use old patterns which give comfort and some sense of stability, as we need to–so we can stretch and open more and more to the newness.

Because we love ourselves so much. Because we know we can’t screw this up. Because we know it’s all perfect. Because of these deep truths, we let ourselves grow into this incredible spaciousness and freedom at a pace that feels right to each of us. We don’t compare, we simply allow. We let ourselves be who we are right now–without some idea of needing to maintain consistency, yet realizing that a certain amount of consistency is familiar and comforting to ourselves and so we let ourselves experiment with all of this from a place–an ongoing place–of not knowing.

Empowering Approach: Live as a Creator. Revise Reality, Continuing to Make Our Experiences More Beautiful

In embracing our newness, we might find that one particular mode that supports our participation in the light coming, expanding, grounding and elevating, is to simply live as a curious, confident, can’t-go-wrong, creator. Although we may not feel this way in every moment, we can embrace the idea that we are a Creator, a natural expression of Source energy which gives form through focus and expression through information and structuring reality and return to it when we lose our way. We do this by choosing. By envisioning. With all the many ways we use our awareness to amplify, inform and build energy.

Claim Your Re-birth by Allowing Innocence, Hope, Idealism and Interest to Expand.

In the realization of our innocent child-like newness with things, we can allow empower ourselves and claim the truth our our re-birth by allowing innocence, hope, idealism and interest to expand. We can notice where we have passion and feel natural drive toward life. We can orient to these areas of interest and let these qualities expand. We can give up being bored, which comes from habit and not being present, and instead remember how to be engaged, involved, how to step off the sidelines and participate. We can reclaim our interest in life and our enthusiasm. We can reflect on our experiences noticing how interested we were and how interesting everything feels to us. In relationships, we can meet one another curious and attentive, empowering sharing, connection, love expressed as attention. We can meet our own lives following the juiciness into expansion and as an impetus for creativity.

In this willingness to embrace our Creator-God Nature, we begin, in fact, to move in Unity with the current of our shared experience on this new Earth. We join in the process of setting the new direction and seeding the New Reality.

You are doing this anyway. Why not make a conscious choice about how you’re broadcasting and participating in the co-creation of life?

We can choose to contribute our sensibility plugged in and turned on, juiced up: harmonics of uplifted focus and form.

Each time we have an experience that we love, we can really take notice. Each time we have an experience that we didn’t love, we can choose differently. We can also pause for a moment and envision how it might be more beautiful. How we wish it would go. We can let our own preferences for the tonality and sensibility of expression shape life.

Each time we meet one another we can do so with an awareness that we might glimpse our unity in this connection, that we might feel and know the expansive diversity of our own wholeness. That we might have an experience which can grow our ability to allow our self, in all forms and versions, to have more freedom to be as we are without resistance.

We can remove resistance from the flow of life! We can, as reflections of this wholeness and in our relationship to our-self, allow. As we re-orient to ease and courage, giving ourselves freedom and permission to evolve, change, experiment and play we move all of life into more freedom, our permission goes to everyone and anyone who can claim it will benefit. Not needing the stability to come from others or even increasingly from ourselves let’s us feel more playful and have more fun. Putting to the test the abundance of life by learning to rely totally on the inner compass for assuring our well-being and resources allows us to discover our Unity in a profound visceral way.

The Big Picture: Empowering the Continuum of Our Being

Life is mean to be joyful. That is the essence of what amplifies our energy and grounds more light into this sphere of reality. In our joy we empower our Soul to transmit the essence of our being more fully into our human form. We empower the continuum of our being to express more fully in our human form. We evolve the potential of intelligent life in human form on Earth creating new opportunities for participation throughout the Omni-verse and create wave upon wave of upliftment as we allow proliferation of our expression in new ways and the joyful awareness of this creativity.

In our willingness to embody these higher frequencies we initiate a direct conversation with our own relationships to freedom, power and and spaciousness. We are drawn into challenging new experiences that summon the courage and permission needed to let our identity go and let our way of being accumulate into a new-found presence in the New Reality. We create this reality which summons us then and supports us into, more wholeness.

This quantum unfolding is brilliant, amazing and we’re in the midst it all.

Realize that we will not do this at the same pace. It will happen for each of us as our energy evolves. What we’re in vibrational relationship to, in resonance or harmony with, we will perceive, have access to and experience. Life and our experience of it is fluid. We will flow based on our focus and frequency and we will learn to embrace the freedom of choice available to us as well as the openings within each band of frequency which are so subtle and yet so broad we have not yet oriented to them in their fullness.

The diversity of experience is actually deepening and accelerating spherically in many directions all at once!

Likewise, the breadth of your consciousness, your largeness, is “begging” to be acknowledged and set free.

You are not a singular thing to be expressed in a single identity.

You are HUGE!

You are a vast, multidimensional field of light, expressed through human form in increasingly complex ways that are rich, unique, informed and capable. Allow yourself to have “many lives” within this one life.

Perhaps you might begin by letting yourself soak all this up and consider that it’s true, it’s awesome and it’s all going well.

Notice how you continually let yourself have more freedom to choose without the duality of judgment narrating what’s right or wrong, better or worse…notice when it’s just your moment to moment preference making decisions, and celebrate! Recognize these moments as you being a little more grounded in the New Reality and that in doing so, you release a little of the bridge and shift a little more into the new. Celebrate! Encourage yourself with love and a sense of the timeless journey of evolution and expansion you’re coming into a greater understanding of and experience with. Know that the perfection of your journey and your choices is creating this experience for everything and everyone.

Allow yourself to not know what is happening when you feel that way and to deepen your ability to enjoy that.

That is the key to your freedom.

The shift into a new state of consciousness, collectively, is underway.

It’s uncharted territory, which is good–because it’s constantly changing anyway, so a map would be obsolete quickly. And you, are connected to it all, creating it and playing with it from within and as the wholeness it is, all at once. What’s happening is beyond conception so just feel your way into things.

Realize whatever map-like understanding of the New Reality is being created for you, by you, as you, day to day. Moment to moment. You’ll discover what in this new domain is persistent and fundamental, and what is fluid and open to change and choice. You’ll discover your favorite way of relating to this new “place” of being and what you love most, what’s more challenging what’s less interesting and how and where you wish to focus. As in all spheres of perception and experience, your focus and your frequency establish your standards for experience.

There is a perfect way to participate and be in alignment moment to moment and we know this by listening and feeling ourselves. This true way of being accumulates into an experience of presence which empowers our Soul to expand, be more aware of itself and through this collaboration, life unfurls into more LOVE.

Your feelings, sensations, insights, way of relating to yourself and all that is your life, is how you are establishing the New Reality–with your energy and your presence. Participate in the Light coming? You’re doing it. If you wish to more intentionally engage, simply intend to become more present to you.

With joy and love, and so happy to be here with you,

I AM Meredith

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