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Testimonial | Post Trauma Stress Dis-order / Dis-ease Module ( M+ ) | Shelley

Post Trauma Stress Dis-order / Dis-ease ( PTSD ) Module Testimonial | PTSD Module ( M+ )

Hi Li Lan:

I’m doing very well. Thank you. Here is a report for you.

– First day after the PTSD Module was installed I was very tired. As I have had other modules installed I was expecting this. I would recommend rest for at least 2 days after if not 3 days after.

– No other real adverse effects it has all gone rather smoothly. I felt different for about a week or 2. In different I mean I felt a general up sweep in the way I was feeling about everything. This feeling leveled off into my usual state but for about a week and a half I was really feeling better then I ever have.

– I found it to be invaluable for psychic attack and erroneous thought projections of any kind especially when I experienced my nervous system receiving any kind of trauma.

– Since I am working on releasing mental opposition I have been still attracting some due to my own issues.

– Recovery time from mental trauma and trauma to do with my etheric bodies things like reversals was about 20 minutes to bring the bodies back to balance and maybe a couple of hours to return to full balance.

– I received immediate results asking to work with my higher self to activate the module. I was so pleased. It has resulted in my being able to clear my energy in minutes and hours instead of suffering for a whole day or sometimes days before I felt better.

– Of course the best thing is to be able to clear myself of the patterns that attract these kinds of things in the first place but I am steadily working on that as well. I’m really making progress with that as well.

– I recieved a rather nasty shock to my spinal cord one night and I was able to recover in one afternoon. Usually something like that in the past would have me down for days.

Very well pleased with the results and the closer connection I have received from my Higher-Self.

– Will continue to report as things come up. Thank you so much!