Testimonial | Tools for the Next Step on the Ascension Path | Jody B. Nyquist, NHD, ND, Minnesota

“I have known Li Lan for several years now. She has been and continues to be a great asset to me.

My first exposure to Li Lan was through her “Tools for the Next Step on the Ascension Path” ** course by one of her authorized teachers. I loved this course. It gave me new tools for meditating and connecting with Source to help clear debris in my path to spiritual enhancement.

I was able to meet Li Lan in person in the summer of 2002 in Hudson Wisconsin. I attended her evening sessions where she channeled  Divine Mother Mary, a totally awesome experience! I then signed up for her Healers set of Sessions. These sessions were an extraordinary experience. Doors were opened for my understanding of issues in my life I wasn’t even aware existed. I was able to release old, deep wounds, acknowledge my gifts and make courageous steps forward in my life.

I still refer to the materials I received from her on reclaiming your power, meditation and removing the blocks to being an effective healing arts practitioner. When I first met Li Lan I was just finishing my doctorate degree and getting ready to go into practice. I had many fears. Working with her helped me identify and clear blocks that could inhibit my ability to be a good practitioner. The work she did was amazing. Her clarity, insight, compassion, and guidance continue to help me today. Thanks in part to her, I have built a thriving practice.

My journey continues. Li Lan does incredible work, creates a safe environment for personal exploration and clearing and she can be just plain fun to be around! Blessings!”

** Which is also a Manual.

Jody B. Nyquist, NHD, ND | Minnesota