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Testimonial | Matrix Plus ( M+ ) | Mary

Testimonial | Matrix Plus ( M+ )

Good morning, Li Lan,

I feel lighter this morning. My Inner-Child is playful and happy! I sweat and sweat and sweat last night. My entire body is stirred up with energy and at the same time I am tired—more sleep required  🙂  I slept in this morning…

My dreams were more 3D and there were even spots of color. I’ve dreamed primarily in black and white.

Thank you for introducing me to the Matrix+ healing and to some new spiritual / physical concepts. I am as excited about the new knowledge as I am about feeling good! My spiritual awareness is wider, spiritual channels are more open and my brain is firing on more neurons. I’ll be spending some quiet time later today and in the next few days for the data to come through.

Can’t wait for the Recycling Module!

With much gratitude and love,