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Testimonial | Multi-dimensional Structural Synthesis Therapy ( MSST ) | Larry Ericksen, Louisiana

Hi, my name is Larry.

Li Lan is my friend and associate, and I count myself as blessed for her being in my life. I just love this girl to pieces. I have been a healer for a long time and that journey has me returning to Sedona for short and long stays. It was during one of these stays that I first met Li Lan.

The first thing I found from her was her book “Tools for the Next Step on the Ascension Path”. And before I actually met her in person, I knew I wanted to meet this person! Li Lan also introduced me to MAP – The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program and The Great White Brotherhood of Light’s work there. I was in Sedona as she began work on her new Multi-dimensional Structural Synthesis Therapy ( MSST ) healing system that she developed through her channeling abilities with her White Brotherhood / Sisterhood of Light guides. As we got to know one another it became obvious how our work was similar and also quite different. It was this difference that we explored as we became friends and as co-workers, while doing volunteer work in Sedona.

Li Lan is a profound and gentle soul with deep knowledge, compassion and love, and her passion towards the work is also most powerful.

Li Lan also stresses a strong spiritual and emotional foundation in her work and I had been working on that most of my life. So I was ready for Li Lan and her connections to the “work”. It has always been a sticking point in my personal healing process that I was only able to go so far by myself no matter how skilled I became. Because I felt so comfortable with both Li Lan and her philosophy, I jumped directly into the big “stuff”, the “no one else had ever dared go there with me kind of stuff” and she sailed right through the storm and brought me safely into port! Well, when I had Li Lan share her work with me by doing it on me it became clear just how powerful she is as a healer!

She is blessed with a partner that has an understanding of her passion and the drive she possesses and his support of her work frees her even more. Bless you both and thank you Li Lan for all your help and support you have given me. My life is much better for you being in it.

Love you girl and keep on keeping on !

Larry Ericksen | Louisiana