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The Power of Inner Connection

Interview: The Power of Inner Connection

Li Lan Chan explains how we use our power to move more deeply into awakening. Li Lan refers to this as a process of expanding and experiencing more of life — like going from driving a Volkswagen to an Audi. She sees spirituality as a process that can move us into higher “levels” of life.

One of Li Lan’s gifts is helping others to understand the beauty, love, and power, which are inherent within everyone. She explains how we have the power to change our lives, as well as sharing methods and insights to find and direct our inner power.

Li Lan shares

  • How to tap into the power of manifesting directly from the heart 
  • Using your power correctly to create the life you desire 
  • Detailed information about inner power and manifestation — why the process works and what stops it from working for you 
  • Why your inner power can only be accessed by reaching a high energy level. 

You will gain insights about directing your power in ways that will change your life and make your dreams a reality. Find out how to use your energy and power to effectively move into more happiness and fulfillment in life!

Awaken, Connect, and Listen to Your Soul.
The Power of Inner Connection (2014 Summit)
Power of Inner Connection

Hosted by Julia Griffin | Recorded July 2014