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Earth Grid Background | August 3, 2000

Background Information on Earth Grids
August 3, 2000

These are rapidly changing times.

Tto be able to keep up, we need to all follow our inner guidance and to Claim our Power.  The spiritual hierarchy is asking us to step forward and take responsibility for our lives by creating our own flow in deciding what it is that we want to manifest in our lives.  If we set the intention, they will help us if, when we ask them for help.  But for those of us who realize that we do create our own reality, they will no longer create a flow for us–just as parents at some point stop scheduling appointments for their children, when the children get past a certain age.

This is a time of the Rites of Passage for Humanity, when we are stepping from the Spiritual Childhood of the 3rd dimension through the Spiritual Puberty of the 4th dimension into the Spiritual Adulthood of the 5th dimension.  It is with great anticipation and trepidation that Upstairs watches us take our fledgling steps into Creatorhood, and they all are cheering us on, ready to catch us if we fall.

So know that you are loved and cared for, even though you may not feel the guiding hands as you take your first step–as you may have felt them in times past.   They are there.  It is only that it is time for us to stand on / in our own power.