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Cosmic Upgrades & Sound Activations

Etheric Body Blueprint UpgradesThe Cosmic Sound Activation is a process that Li Lan offers—in conjunction with your Higher-Self and your higher dimensional healing teams—to help upgrade your Etheric Body Blueprint. Especially when your physical body is having problems adjusting to the incoming solar and galactic energies and the changes in frequency levels of the Earth, including her upgraded grids and matrices (‘matrix’-es).

There are many levels of upgrades depending on your level of evolution and Light Body development. Li Lan will facilitate the download of the Etheric Body Blueprint Upgrade that is appropriate for you at this time. Once the upgrades have been downloaded, they will need to be activated.

This is done through sound.


Sound is Breath Manifested
And Breath is the carrier of the energy of Life itself, how Creator creates.
And as we produce sounds through our Intention, focused by our Will, we fill ourselves with the Divine Spirit of Creator and become in turn creators ourselves, of ourselves.


The sound Activation process is done through the sounds channeled through her voice by her Hathor and Dolphin sound teams, and by the use of other sound instruments such as tuning forks, Tibetan bowls, chimes and crystal bowls.

Cosmic Sound ActivationAs the sounds travel through your ears, skin and body, the vibrations / frequencies anchor and activate the upgrades for the Etheric Body Blueprint through the connections in your so called junk DNA—which in reality are the access points to your higher dimensional DNA programs.

Once the Activation is complete, your physical body should be better able to cope with the incoming energies and frequencies … feeling more relaxed and at ease in your own skin … more easily able to achieve homeostasis—the Balance and Harmony that is Health.

The Cosmic Sound Activation process usually takes between 45 mins to an hour.

The cost of a Cosmic Sound Activation session is $180.- and needs to be carried out in person.

Call or email Li Lan for an Appointment.


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