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Amplyfying Love, Appreciation & Gratitude – Melissa Joy – Matrix Energetics

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matrix Energetics logoAmplyfying Love, Appreciation & Gratitude – Melissa Joy – Matrix Energetics

Letting go is key. When you let go of the need to think or not think or to be in sickness or disease or to be wealthy or to be poor, you move out of a state of duality and you transcend the limitations of duality and you are able to access the state of neutrality – new to your reality. And dropping down into the field of the heart puts you in that frame of reference for no reference for what may happen next. You’re neutral – new to your reality. Now sometimes we think of being neutral as being in a state of not caring, and in one sense, the field of the heart does not care. But we don’t mean that it doesn’t care about you. It just doesn’t care about you in terms of personal experiences.

It cares about itself as a direct extension of divine consciousness having an experience of itself through you. Now there is a lot of freedom and expansion available in the notion that the field of the heart doesn’t care. What that means is that it is not limited by its past experiences. It is not limited by its perceived limitations. Those are all constructs of the left brain. And the left brain does what physicists refer to as the collapse of the wave function. It consciously collapses the wave function of reality based on its expectations.

Conversely, the field of the heart uncollapses the wave function from any sort of preconceived expectation. And it moves out of that expected awareness, and it aligns itself with the uncollapse of the wave function, which moves into an equally weighted probability and possibility state that is unlimited.

So it is so important to understand that your first point of reference for manifestation, transformation, change, getting rid of anything is to not try to manifest, to not try to change, not try to get rid of anything, but rather allow yourself to simply move your awareness out of resonance with thoughts, out of resonance with emotions, and drop down into that neutral state of a sea of infinite possibilities where you won’t drop because there aren’t any waves. It’s just an endless ocean of possibilities.

Now dropping down into the field of the heart initially can sometimes be intimidating for people because it is such a powerful place to be. And it can surprise people, and I encounter this with students quite a bit, because they don’t tend to feel anything. And if you’re not feeling anything when you drop down into the field of your heart, you are doing it correctly. There really is no correct or incorrect way to do it, but you won’t expect to feel anything because when you’re in a state of neutrality, there is no collapse of the wave function into a particular emotion.

Now although the field of the heart is optimally accessed when it’s in a state of neutrality, research has show that the coherency of the field of the heart is actually increased when one accesses particular facets or dimensions of grace – those facets being love, appreciation, gratitude, and tranquility. There’s a component to the field of the heart that can be amplified or multiplied when you couple it with components of grace. And that becomes a mathematical equation for accessing personal power where the heart field times grace equals exponentially personal power.

As with any mathematical equation, it can be worked in multiple directions. Any component of personal power, when you divide it by grace, can give you functions of the field of the heart. And when you take personal power and you access the field of the heart, you are then accessing grace as well. The three work synergistically, and you cannot necessarily access the field of the heart without accessing grace, without accessing personal power.

The words “personal power” tend to evoke different references for individuals based on their prior experiences of power. What we’re referring to in this experience here is not power in terms of power over anything or anyone. It is a power that comes from direct access to the field of the heart, and the infinite potential that is available when you plug into this grid of universal consciousness. With that plug-in, there is nothing to be powerful over.

It’s an inner power. It’s an inner strength. It’s an inner solitude and an inner grace that becomes a dance in your awareness with every interaction that you have so that each movement in your reality becomes an expression of the field of the heart, becomes an expression of grace, and becomes an expression of personal power.

Grace itself is both unifying and relational in that the experience of it reminds us of the inherent connectivity of everything and everyone. And yet the experience of grace is often expressed through our relations with one another. There are multiple ways that you can experience the field of the heart, that you can experience grace, and that you can experience personal power. Any time you tap into any one of those facets, you’re tapping into all of them because they form a complete spectrum of the domain of universal consciousness.

Melissa Joy
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