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Update from Li Lan March 03 2013

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Aloha GreetingIt’s been quite a ride in the last weeks. It felt/feels like I was sent back to the factory and was completely remodeled/rebuilt/refurbished! WoW!!! All this included a 3 day stay in the hospital…funny, the doctors with all the tests they put me through when I presented with Chest Pains and shortness of breath didn’t’t find a whole lot – well OK, they did find some minor stuff – but as I was told by my White Brotherhood Medical teams, they basically needed me in the hospital to 1. ensure that I would really stay in bed the entire time (hell, they could have just told me that! …but then again they know me well enough that that probably wouldn’t’t have happened,) and 2. in case they botched something that I would have 3-D help as needed…as the work they were doing was so difficult and experimental…sigh…be careful when you volunteer as a guinea pig…the technie teams tend to be very enthusiastic…I just told them that I wanted to look human when they got done with me…no boxes jutting out at odd angles from my head and other body parts… and please not that Cyborg look (again!)… I mean that when someone looked at me on the Etheric…No! No peeping now…The’re not quite done with me yet… I’ll present myself in my newly refurbished glory when it’s all done..*.smile* All this has taken a toll and hence the long interval between Newsletters and Blogs…Sorry…Anyway…


Love & Blessings,
Li Lan

May you experience the peace which comes from being connected at all times to that Divine Unconditional Love, which is the Source of All That Is, The I AM that I AM.