Testimonial | Soul Contract Addendum Changes | Susan

Dear Li Lan,

In doing the Soul Contract Addendum Changes I’ve experienced a lot of head and neck pain for a few days over the course of two different weekends. (I’ve experienced headaches for almost my entire life). And from the different pains I experience (my cheek hurts, my throat burns, the side of my head hurts etc.), I’ve been given insight into past life traumas where I have either been killed or injured, and the lesson from that lifetime and how that lesson applies to this lifetime. Once I’m given insight into the lesson the energy is released and the pain shifts to the next area.

I’ve probably had close to 100 traumas and lessons revealed to me and the lessons center around certain themes such as taking responsibility for my personal safety, watching out who to trust, being true to myself among others…

…Thank you for your help. I really look forward to receiving your emails and appreciate the work that you do!!!