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Sequoia: Crystalline Portals of Healing – The Sacred Energy of Trees- Lord Metatron via James Tyberonn

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292017_413922058667988_1875345417_nSequoia: Crystalline Portals of Healing – The Sacred Energy of Trees- Lord Metatron via James Tyberonn

Greetings Dear Ones, I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and we welcome you in a vector of unconditional love. We acknowledge each of you reading these words in the now moment of your connection to the energetic vibration of this message.

An entourage of Spirit joins us in this moment with keen awareness of your individual energies. We assure you that as meaningful as these gatherings are to you, they are equally significant to us of the Angelic realm. These moments of sharing are offered not only to provide selective communiqués of stimulating information to you, but to provide light coded energy of unspoken nurturing that is taken in through your hearts and lovingly given from ours. Such energies are afforded to you, the present you and the becoming you. So we joyfully embrace you !

Dear Ones, take a moment, close your eyes and mentally visualize the Green Ray bathing your essence. We are joined now by the energy collective of the Plant Kingdom; indeed they are harbingers of the Green Ray, of healing and love.

Masters, we have spoken in previous sharing’s about the myriad benefits of energies projected via the mineral kingdom. Indeed crystals and minerals are of invaluable assistance to both humanity and the earth. In this channel we will discuss the benevolence of the plant kingdom, with emphasis on the energy of trees.

Of all of the living energies of the plant kingdom, trees are among the largest, and offer benefits that are numerous. Many of these advantages are not truly understood. Humanity recognizes their beauty and benefits, though the benefits are largely regarded merely as commodity resources. We tell you that trees are spiritual conduits, resonators and capacitors of incredible energy.

All trees are receivers and disseminators of energy from the Sun, Earth, Water and the Mineral Kingdoms. As such they are transmitting projectors of refined wave energy, frequencies of all that you term the 5 elements and as such are beneficial to both the Earth and Humanity and all life within and without, above and below. For Trees, more than any other members of the plant genre are spectral containments of all elements, dynamically existing in more than 3 dimensions of the Omni-Earth. The Arboreal indeed have a pyramidal hierarchy of life force and awareness. Accordingly certain trees are more advanced Beings than others, and as such offer a more efficacious and keen conscious dynamic. These have been duly recognized and acknowledged as sacred entities by more aware ancient societies.

The Giant Sequoia is energy unlike any other on the planet. These living ancient entities project a laminated field or layered aura, similar in stratified structure to that of humanity. They are self aware and project both an individualized and collective consciousness that is extremely unique and benevolent. These majestic beings are amassed in rare locations, and now grow naturally only in the western regions of North America.

It can be said that the Sequoia & Redwood are record keepers of the plant kingdom, and in that sense are symbiotic with the crystalline members of the mineral kingdom of the earth. The Giant Sequoia and Redwood are two among very few members of the plant kingdom that have conscious awareness beyond linear flow of the present time. Indeed they are aware of the past, present and to some degree, the future of both Humanity and the Earth. This differentiates the Sequoia (and certain others) as the great majority of trees and plants are cognizant in group-collective awareness in only the ‘now’ of present time.

The Giant Sequoia is accurately determined by your geologist to have been on the planet more than 144 million years. They are Ancient Spirits. They towered in dominion over dinosaurs as the planetary surface lifted and fell, gyrating in its timeless geological slow dance. In a poignant fragment of time, less than 2 centuries, humanity has piteously destroyed all but 77 remaining ancient groves. The importance of these remaining stands is vital to future generations. For we tell you the preponderant resident energy in these unique living energy fields is extremely healing. The Giant Sequoia and their relatives the Redwood are among the most conscious forms of Trees within the Plant Kingdom. The energy they generate and pulse is crystalline and entrains the environ into higher frequency.

…And we add that from this point forward when we refer to Sequoia, we refer to both the Giant Sequoia and the Redwood, for both are very similar in the qualities and attributes we will discuss in continuation of this channel.

Because the Sequoia is capable of ‘self-cloning’ in their re-generation process, many of the Tree-Beings of this genre are the exact replicas of their physical and spiritual essence that has existed from the beginning. This cloning contributes to the Sequoia’s chosen role as the Plant Kingdoms conscious record-keepers of time evolution on the Earthplane. Their noted longevity is multi-dimensional.

Sequoia Groves indeed have the attribute & ability to alter time sequence and transcend dimension. They do not adhere to the same chronology of linear space-time movement. When one walks or meditates in their field, one may ascend beyond time. Hours can seem as minutes, and minutes can seem as hours. Imagination takes spirited flight, as mental corridors poignantly open to inspiration. And as space may be defined as coagulated time, dimensional space is equally transcended. In this attribute certain Sequoia Groves are portals! Is that not of compelling interest!

But we emphasize ‘certain’ groves, for indeed the portaline aspect optimally manifest when the Groves are in complete harmonic oscillation with the other elements. The Groves within the parameters of Giant Sequoia National Park in the elevations between 2500-7000 feet best capacitate the maximal ‘stargate’ harmonics. Indeed certain apex points within Sequoia National Park, such as Moro Rock, are Vortexial-Stargate vectors.

Hierarchy in the Plant Kingdom

As we have told you, certain trees have always been recognized as sacred by humanity. The Plant Kingdom exists in spectrums of consciousness, as do all elemental kingdoms. The Devic Spirits of the Plant Kingdom represent an array of what may be termed faeries, elves and what the Druids referred to as ‘Greenman’. But just as biological life has a certain hierarchy of complexity, the Plant Kingdom has life forms within its genre that are more ‘advanced’, more conscious & intelligent than others. Certain medicinal and psycho active plants are extremely self aware and have been recognized for millennia as ‘spiritual allies’ by the campestral societies who interacted more intimately with nature.

There are yet tribal societies in certain remote regions such as the Amazon, who communicate coherently with what may be termed ‘Spirits of the Forest’, many of which, are conscious ‘plants’. The Ayamara of Peru and Bolivia are among these.

We tell you that the Giant Sequoia and Redwood were once hallowed by ancient more enlightened people, including those of Atlantis and LeMuria. Hallowed not as a commodity or resource, but as intelligent Divine beings, in much the same way in which the Druids revered the Oak, Holly and Yew. For these are among the highest expressions of the realm of Trees, indeed such trees have the capacity of not only collective energy, but are capable of individual awareness. Yet among all of the Kingdom of Trees, the Giant Sequoia retains perhaps the greatest field of awareness.

So understand that the Giant Sequoia is unique in its enormity not only in mass and height, but in the intelligence and succinct etheric qualities of its energetic field. There were indeed specialized shamanistic humans, both male and female, that were dedicated to the Sequoia in the epochs of LeMuria. In the pre duality epoch of Mu, not all plants were fixed to the soil. Certain plants and trees were somewhat semi physical, bearing a luminescent existence and were capable of both movement and direct communication. Their semi-physical biological aspect was via spectral projection, and thus required little from the earth for sustenance. The stroboscopic projection into the denser realm of matter fully subsisted through the nutrient of photonic praṇā. This applied to all life, including human, in the pre duality projection of Omni-Earth known as the Golden Hologram of LeMuria.

The pre duality LeMurians were capable of merging their consciousness into the matrix of the Sequoia, and experience life from both within and without this massive field. This capacity was retained after the emergence of duality Earth by the benevolent LeMurian mystics. A monastic society of LeMurian Healers was centered in the areas that are now Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains. We tell you that the granitic dome, Moro Rock (in Sequoia) was recognized by the LeMurians as a sacred center of their gatherings.

The LeMurians understood that the Giant Sequoia project a rare and complex wave-frequency, emitting a balancing modulation of rejuvenation & well-being. Indeed much of their healing therapies and spiritual ceremony involved the Sequoia. An aspect of the LeMurian consciousness is yet within the Sequoia collective mind, in the same way that the Oak and Yew retain an aspect of the Atla and Druid. Yet within the vastly larger and thus more potent resonant field of the Sequoia, it is far more animated.

This extraordinary field is quite accessible, quite tangible to anyone that spends time among the Sequoia. In future times, it will be understood, as it was in your past, that there are very real therapeutic qualities available by being within the energetic scope of the Sequoia. We tell you that there is a measurable quality of theta field available beneath the Sequoia. This specialized attribute is quite real, albeit not yet recognized, not yet truly examined. The benefits are both physical and psychological.

In time your scientists will examine the fields produced by the Sequoia, and discover its facility as an energy capacitor. The unique padding of the thick outer bark of the Sequoia that make it resistant to fire and insects not only plays a role in its longevity, it provides an incomparable insulation that allows it to optimally retain a living pranic energy stream. This succinct bio-praṇā runs and flows in currents of botanical bio-electrical circuitry throughout every living filament and matrixial etheric component of the Sequoia. It emits a theta field that projects well being, by induction, to the human aura.

Each Sequoia Being is highly aware and will vividly react to the presence of humans. The Sequoia can emit a conscious vibrational pulse uniquely fitted for the auric needs required for the balancing of each human seeker. It occurs as an inaudible purr, felt rather than heard. And like the purring of a feline, balances and grounds the human auric field.

While there are other trees of high consciousness and capable of healing, none do so quite as potently or uniquely as the Sequoia. The grandiose structure of the Sequoia lends credence to the fact that it would emit an enormous field. Giant Sequoia absorbs thousands of gallons of water, massive photons of light, solar energy, and produce extremely purified oxygen, as much as 300 lbs per year per tree. They are in essence batteries of vital energy and that termed coherent ‘life force’.

Structural Energy Process

The Sequoia serve as specialized conduits of Divine Energy, It occurs much in the same process as stargate portals, via axialtonal oscillation. The Sequoia receives energy, transform it, and generate it in a circular process similar to Pyramids. Their root systems absorb and intake water through osmosis process, and feeds massive gallons of purified water throughout their enormous bio system every day. The needles also both absorb and re cycle water intake from and back into the air. Their green needles absorb sunlight and process it into a coherent solar energy through the complexity of photosynthesis. Mineralogical nutrients are received from the earth are assimilated into bio-chemical sustenance. Sequoias are solar/ hydro / mineral energy receivers and generating transmitters.

An ovalesque motion of this process forms a circulating, spiral & vertical motion from earth to sky, forming a vortexial field that is held intact through bio electrical circuitry. Geo crystalline water molecules are released by the Sequoia in one of the 7 crystalline pattern-forms that naturally occur nature. Indeed the frequencial Ovid that occurs beneath and around the trees form a theta field that is coded with crystalline energy thru the collective intent of the conscious Sequoia. It is optimal in the higher elevations occurring between 2500 and 7000 feet for indeed this elevation offers great and greater harmonic balance. In Sequoia and Kings Valley National Parks the energy is thus extremely embellished.

The massive Sequoia groves provide a haven and through harmonic attraction serve as a conclave of Divine Spirit. The Sequoia collective energy is in essence a Council. A standing wave flows that opens, calibrates and fine tunes the chakras to optimal higher dimension alignment and reception. Each Sequoia pulses theta convocation that sooths the human emotional field and indeed opens the pineal. As each Sequoia’s pulse harmonically synthesizes with the pulses of other Sequoia a collated standing wave emerges that opens the ‘3rd Eye’ pineal, thus provides profound visionary imagery and contact with the Divine realms. A field of symbiotic frequencial entrainment accommodates the visionary entry, and further contributes a resplendent re-charging of pranic life force, an opportunity of recalibration and prioritization and deep release of obstacles. The Mastery of the Sequoia stimulates the vision of desired change and renewed vitality, encouraging forward growth of an incredibly profound scope.

They are ancient Beings, Enlightened Spirits that willing assist each seeker, in a manner most befitting. They are at once both invigorating and calming; stimulating Mer-Ka-Na vision and soothing the emotional & physical fields of the aura into tonal 12-Octave Harmony within the Crysto-Light body. Sequoias are crystals of the plant kingdom, the regal ambassadors of trees that interface the Angelic.

Many of you are familiar with the work of Dr Emoto in noting the crystallization of water through music and harmonic intent. His work was inspired and predated by the discovery of Marcel Vogel, the crystal master. Marcel Vogel noted the transition of water into crystalline forms by harmonics and high intent. He noted that water would form liquid crystals in the core patterns of the crystallography by entrainment.

We tell you that the water received by the Sequoia is so transformed. As such the Sequoia is a living crystal that entrains the surroundings within its field. Sequoia Groves are massive crystalline generators that seek to balance the planet.


The Plant Kingdom is collectively designed to support the Earth and all forms of life upon and within it. This purpose is joyfully and willingly understood by plant life in the provision of oxygen and nutrients including fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts. Plants provide healing in the medicinal application of herbs, roots, shoots and essences derived from them. The woods and fibers are willingly offered as a renewable resource in certain species. But such use must be wisely stewarded.

Certain plants have very favorable vibratory patterns that are able to uplift and heal humanity. Sequoia, Oak and Yew are among the conscious aware trees that provide such healing attributes. Groves of Sequoia serve as a soothing Council of Spirit, for there is a profound Sacred Energy within their resonance.All who walk among them sense a deep presence of the Divine.

The largest Giant Sequoia exceeds 12 million pounds in weight, can surpass 370 feet in height, can exceed 40 feet in base diameter with contained volumes of over 53,000 cubic feet. They emit and consume massive amounts of water & light. Sequoia converts water into liquid crystals and produces a thetaean energy frequency and thus project a resonant field of integral balance. Sequoia Trees are integral, both male/female, unisexual monoecious. The energy projection is nurturing and formidable, projecting a tenacious resonance of both Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine in terrestrial terms.

The benefits of visiting the Sequoia include:

– Balancing & energizing the Chakras & Auric Field
– Spiritual & Physical Rejuvenation
– Healing sensory balance & adjusting bio glandular  system & nervous system
– Stabilizing, healing & soothing the mental -emotional field – clearing depression
– Clarity within 3rd eye vision – opening the pineal
– Enhanced ability to prioritize & resolve issues
– Stimulation of life force & renewed joy & vitality of purpose
– Assisted visionary entrance into Akashic Records & Universal Mind
– Greater connection to the natural elements, Gaia & the Devic Kingdom
– Balancing Gender matrix / Female-Make union into Integral Harmonic One-ness
– Strengthen of Will & Resolve
– Opening Creativity & Inspirational windows of mind
– Connection to LeMurian aspects of nurturing consciousness

These attributes are indeed quite real. One need only spend time among the Sequoia to feel joy, to sense balance amidst the natural green forests…and indeed improve in all of the categories of life we have listed. The Sequoia are living conscious batteries, quite unique, and astonishingly powerful nurturing beings. Because of the embellished energies & harmonics of Sequoia National Park, the Sequoia in this region are optimal

The Sequoia in higher collective mind continue to offer themselves, abiding completely in unconditional service to humanity and the planet, transcending the 3rd dimension that might otherwise destroy them. Take care of them, visiting them, for these Beings await you in love.

I am Metatron and share with you these Truths. You are Beloved.

…And so it is…

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