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Commanding the Universe to Create the Reality and Timeline You Desire – Li Lan Chan El-Lah-Rah

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Claiming Your Power ...

Dear Beloved ones,

As an Empath, the last couple of days leading up to today’s inauguration ceremonies has been really difficult! The effort it took to not get sucked into the Morphic Field of a divided People was draining. I felt like was drowning in the fears and angers of the Progressive Left , and the gloating of the conservative Right! Until I was reminded that I am a Creator of my reality, and that with the New Higher dimensional energies flooding the Earth and our Solar System, that we can COMMAND the Universe to align with our wishes and create the reality that we wish to live in.

So I was guided to state the Following:

“In the name of the I AM THAT I AM, I,……… (you Put in your full name here if you chose to do this for yourself) do hereby COMMAND the Universe to Reject all negative and dystopian realities and timelines. The reality and timeline I live in is one of Love, Harmony, and Beauty, Filled with an Abundance of Love, Light , joy, Happiness, Health and financial prosperity for all. Where we are all connected to one another in our hearts, and there is empathy and Compassion to and for all. Where the spirit of co-operation is all pervading. Where Power is expressed as *”The ability, capability, capacity, to create and be creative; The ability, capability, capacity, to use energy as a source to create something, or a situation with. And Power as a theme: To experience, learn, and grow spiritually…I declare this to be my Truth. And I feel and manifest this truth in all my bodies – on all levels, dimensions and realities. Amen. (Meaning: So be it.) And so it is.”

After I did this process, within minutes , the brain overload and energetic  overwhelm cleared up and I was back in what I call my Neutral state of Balance and Harmony within myself.  I am guided to share this so that those of you who are Sensitives, Empaths, etc. can experience some relief. You can add whatever you wish to the process as long as it is in first person singular, and in the present tense. Do be careful of what you wish for and how you phrase it. Do this process often to anchor it in your bodies and whenever you feel the need. I hope this helps! Feel free to share.

( and please include the credit for the excerpt from my Manual*Tools For The Next Step On The Ascension Path – Book 1 – Setting Your Spiritual Foundation – A Manual of Guided Meditations and Processes  ~Fourth Edition~ COPYRIGHT © October 2012 LI LAN CHAN – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED – Excerpt: Claiming Your Power, Life-Force, Energies, Abundance and the Sovereignty over all Your Bodies) )

Love and Blessings

Li Lan Chan El-Lah-Rah