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PTSD Module | … from a Spiritual / Holistic Viewpoint

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder / Disease is actually a combination of many factors causing a variety of symptoms.  These factors can come from this lifetime or from other lifetimes.  They can have their origins in your genetic lineage and they can be exacerbated by thought forms and entities, which are drawn to the individuals showing these factors (like attracts like). When the factors meet a critical / life-threatening situation / experience such as combat, sexual abuse / rape, accidents, grave life-threathening illnesses, etc., they cohere into the symptoms we call PTSD.

PTSD from a holistic / spiritual viewpointTraumas, trauma patterns, frozen shock conditions / patterns are eneergtic blockages which form when an intense negative experience takes place and settles into one or more bodies.  (Remember that humans have a minimum of 4 bodies, often times more – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual—plus others.)  Traumas are like accidents on a freeway (an energetic freeway), that do not get cleared up.  They create blockages and force the specific body (in which it is created) to create energetic detours.  Over time, traumas tend to pile up in the same place—one trauma sending out energy signatures calling for more of the same (like attracts like).  If enough traumas collect in the same place, then eventually they could create corresponding physical problems and illnesses.  Traumas can be inherited, acquired and / or self-generated.

The more critical type of trauma is what I call a Memory Crystal. A Memory Crystal is a trauma that has been crystallized. It carries a charge that can activate the trauma so that when one recalls the memory of the traumatic event, the Memory Crystal is activated and one has the feeling that one is re-experiencing the event again. The difference between a regular trauma and a Memory Crystal is the following: When one recalls a regular trauma, it is like watching a video of the event. There is a distance between the observer and what is being observed. However with a Memory Crystal, there is no distance: One has the feeling of experiencing the event full-on again.

Flashbacks develop when an entity or entities (various entities – anger, fear, depression, etc.) connect with a memory Memory Crystal(s). The entity / entities feed off the emotions generated by the re-experiencing of the traumatic event. In order to be able to keep feeding, the entity / entities establish a portal to the time when the event occurred and anchors a portion of the victim’s energy to that time point. When it is time to feed, a flashback is triggered.

Tension / stress is the last of the trauma / stress component that plays into the PTSD picture. High levels of cortisols and other hormonal are released into the body, creating deep neurological patterns in the brain. These can then trigger the fear / traumas / stress, making an individual hyper-responsive to future fearful / traumatic / stressful situations. The hyper-responsiveness can create all kinds of dis-orders, sleep disturbances, aches and pains, etc. The high stress reactions could imprint into the blueprint and DNA and could be inherited by the following generations. It can also be acquired, and / or self-generated.

The emotional body component adds the addictive tendency of the emotional body to attract and re-experience intense emotional frequencies / energies, regardless of whether said emotional frequencies / energies are positive or negative. The Inner-Child is to our emotional body what the ego is to the mind / mental body. The Inner-Child is that emotional, energetic part of us that is usually typified by the traumatized child. The traumatized Inner-Child is the instance that attract the entity / entities and enters into contracts and agreements with them. These contracts, agreements, obligations, etc. can be inherited, acquired and self-generated.