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On the Death of a Child

On the Death of a Child

Excerpted from Ascended Master Djehuty. This passage appears in the book Understanding Loss and Death (also included in Djehuty Speaks, a compilation of four channeled books).

The loss of a child is known to you as one of the most difficult things that a human can experience.  I would like to provide perspective for you on this issue so that any of you who are dealing with this sort of loss can come into a state of healing and acceptance surrounding this loss.  This is always such a deep loss that it defines you for the rest of your life.  For some of you more than others, of course, but this is a very important form of loss to explore and to heal if it is carried within you from the past.

When a person who is aged passes away, there are usually many reasons for it.  It used to be that “old age” was a very common explanation as the reason of death for an older person on Earth.  Now you have applied much scientific and medical understanding and terminology to how you die, but the fact remains that there seems to be a reason for death that can be more readily and easily accepted when an aged person has passed away.  It can be comforting to know that that person has experienced much of life, and has had many – if not all – of the life experiences that in your minds and hearts constitute a full life.  It is possible for the pain of the loss of this person, the ending of his or her life, to be in a way mitigated because of this duration, variety, and complexity of life experience.  Nothing of the kind is possible when a child dies.

There is not one human death that does not fit with and perfectly execute the intentions, desires, and timing of that person’s soul.

Your pain surrounding the deaths of children is sourced in several places and I will explore a handful of them here.  One is the misconception that death is a punishment for doing something wrong or living in a way that displeases some god or other.  These children, you feel in your hearts, are innocent.  Even if they happen to be cruel or mean-spirited, they are at least deserving of love from God and this equates in your minds and hearts to having the chance to continue living, and to grow up and experience all that life has to offer.  I again suggest that if you find this belief within you or some part of you, that you dismantle it and adjust to the truths I am offering you in this teaching about the nature of soul and its intentions as it incarnates in its many lives along the Earth timeline.  The death of a child is no punishment.  It is yet another example of a soul, a portion of All That Is, serving itself along its journey to learning about what it means and is to live as a human in your dimension.  It is an example of soul contracts being fulfilled as well, and it is another example of a soul expressing its power as a Divine being.  I guarantee you that you have died young at least at some points along your soul’s multi-life journey.  The relative fragility of a child’s body and the realities of certain social health dynamics – including disease and when children are made workers when they are not strong enough to accomplish it with success – are realities of the human experience over time that you have all experienced at some points along your human journeys.  No one escapes difficult deaths over the course of many lives and this includes dying as a child – and it is never a punishment.

Another source of this pain is that, as adults, you are likely to perceive that you are in charge of protecting children.  Even if a child is not yours, when he or she dies there can be a sense of sadness because no one protected that child.  No one took the time, care, or energy to ensure that the death of that child be prevented.  It can be perceived that while the child was perhaps, probably, or definitely was loved, that child was obviously not loved enough for someone to do all it took to prevent that child’s death.  You must come to release yourself from the sense of responsibility when a child dies even when it occurs as a result of a choice you made directly – whether it can be categorized as confused and mistaken or as well-intended and the best that you could have done in that scenario.  It is time for you to forgive yourself for your part in fulfilling all soul-based contracts when it comes to the deaths of others, including children.  It is time for you to surrender to the truth that the child died as a result of his or her power as a Divine being manifesting precisely the sort of experience that perfectly serves its journey as a soul or part of All That Is having many experiences being human all along the Earth timeline.  You must now relieve yourself of the responsibility of having done wrong or not enough.  You have done all that you have done because of love for that other soul, even when it looks to your human eyes that you have not.

While you want to blame yourself for not doing enough, you must accept the truth that the will of the Divine soul that you are talking about is just as powerful as yours.  You must accept the truth that from the soul’s perspective, being a child makes no difference – versus being an adult or elderly person.  And you must accept the truth that this death also fulfills a number of soul contracts between the soul of the child in question and others in his or her life, perhaps even you.  This child’s death serves a number of important ends and has been planned.  Finally, you must accept the truth that if it were not part of that Divine soul’s plan, it would not have happened.  All of you are aware of children who have been in horrific accidents or had deadly diseases but have lived, and this means that the soul’s plan was to experience such an accident or such a disease and yet survive.

You must accept that when a child dies, it is according to the soul’s plan.

A third source of pain surrounding a child’s death is that when a child dies, any part of you that is unprocessed and unhealed about your own experiences when a child will come forward to make itself heard.  It will internalize the death of this child and the notion that it is inexplicable because the pain and suffering that you experienced as a child – a myriad of little emotional deaths – have not been grieved and processed by you.  They were and remain inexplicable to you.  You are carrying them around within your energy field and the death of a child will trigger all of them.  This is related to what was stated above about protection of children in that these parts of you will come forward in their pain and anger stemming from not having been protected in your past.  As you in the present moment deal with the knowledge of the death of a child, the children within your psyche, heart, and energy field react strongly to the reality that other children are also not being protected; that it is still true that they are not being adequately protected.  It will remind these parts of you that they were not protected and you will be faced with dealing with the memories of your own myriad little emotional and energetic deaths as a child.

For dealing with this source of pain when a child dies, I put your attention on the fact that as you progress along your soul’s journey and you create all manner of experiences for yourself in many lives along numerous points on the Earth timeline, what any individual experiences has to do with the journey of the soul.  There is in truth no such thing as protection, because there is no one to protect yourself from.  You are The Divine.  You are creating all of this.  Each and every thing that you have experienced over your soul’s many lives has been and is your creation.  Your ideas of children being helpless are at the root of this, and so I invite you to take in the truths about why a human experiences what he or she does in these many lives in seeking to understand all the varieties and possibilities of life experience available to you.  It is not true that you are supposed to be protected and it is not true that someone is responsible for doing this for you.  What is true is that you have for all of your soul’s lives so far along the Earth timeline been learning that you are probably powerless and that the world, others, and God act upon you – that you have no control over anything.  Apply the truths I am laying out for you today to support retroactive healing of the children you carry within you from this life and from other lives.  Learn to nurture them in the ways that they perceived they were not nurtured.  There is no one waiting in the wings who will come forward later and – finally, at long last – begin to protect you in the ways that you perceive that you need.

Another source of this pain is the sadness that the child has not had the chance to live a full and rich life full of complexity and the sort of experience that comes with age and maturity.  Understand that this is indicative of a knot within your energy field with a label affixed to it: that you are not living up to what is perceived to be your potential or that you are not living the sort of life that you want to live.  In any way that you perceive you are not living a meaningful life – or the sort that matters to you – address it.  Begin taking charge of your life and what you are creating.  Take responsibility for all you have created and understand in what ways you have in the main done so as a reflection of the conditioning that you are powerless that has been absorbed over millennia living many lives along the Earth timeline.  Then, begin creating consciously the life that is important to you.  Taking responsibility for all you have experienced will enable you to see that what you have experienced is entirely your creation, and that in turn will reveal to you how to proceed creating your world within and around you with conscious intention.  You are the most powerful being that there could be.  You have simply chosen temporarily to forget it, and now you are beginning to start remembering who you really are.