Li Lan Chan

Li Lan Chan El-Lah-Rah is a teacher, healer and representative of The Great White Brotherhood of Light in conjunction with the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Earth and the Ascended Masters.  She is also of the Office of the Christ and of the Office of the Mother of the Universe and of the World.


She is the physical aspect of the Eloha El-Lah-Rah.

(Eloha being the singular of Elohim).

She is also a minister in the Universal Life Church.

She has been trained intensively by The White Brotherhood / Sisterhood since 1993 to do what she calls her Connections: Energy work for individuals.

Additionally, Li Lan is the

Author of the Tools for the Next Step on the Ascension Path series:
Book 1 – Setting Your Spiritual Foundation
A Manual of Guided Meditations and Processes

Book 2 – Soul Contract Addendum Changes
A How-To Manual On Making Changes to Your Soul Contract

Book 3 – A Compendium of Karmic Releases
Manual of Guided Karmic Release Processes

Co-developer of an innovative system of accelerated healing, called Multi-dimensional Structural Synthesis Therapy (MSST) with her White Brotherhood medical and technical guides in 2001.

She has also

Developed a Training Program for those interested in learning and practicing MSST.
Evolved with her Quantum Angels and other White Brotherhood / Sisterhood guides after studying Matrix Energetics – what she calls Matrix Plus (M+), which is a synthesis of the MSST technology with techniques and methods from Matrix Energetics
Created M+ Modules based on the Matrix Plus (M+) technology.

Born in Hue, Viet Nam, her early childhood was spent between Hong Kong and Saigon. She grew up in California from the age of 8 via Paris, and London. She lived in Europe for 20 years: 16 years in Germany and 4 in France.

She currently lives in Southern California in the USA.


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