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Earth Grid Background | September 14, 1994

Background Information on Earth Grids
September 14, 1994

Time to talk about the body

The physical (*) body is as a mirror and responds to your every command.  The self-image that you send out being mainly influenced by your emotional body.

Examine your belief systems to understand and interpret what your body is showing and reflecting back to you—in your fatness, thinness, beauty or lack thereof, etc.  At the biological level the body is a blending of all that you have physically inherited from your ancestors.  At the emotional level, it mirrors to you your beliefs about yourself and it obeys the mental commands you give it, whether consciously or unconsciously.

When you merge with your body on a spiritual level, then the Chakras begin to function not only as transformers / transmuters of higher frequencies, they also begin to bring into alignment the DNA-RNA strands so that they begin to set into motion the programs of the Higher Light Body blueprint.

Your body, when born, orientates itself on the etheric body, which is the blue-print for your body in this lifetime.  Then your emotional body, as it anchors itself to the body at birth, brings with it all the experiences that have been accumulated from past-lives, and imprinting these on the DNA-RNA strands programmed by your etheric body.  As your physical body looks to the etheric body for guidelines as to how it should develop, it absorbs the imprinting of the emotional body from past-lives and not just the ancestral biological programming of this lifetime.

Our etheric body being the guideline after which the body orientates itself, is subject to manipulation by the emotional body through the ego / rational mind.  So when we wish to alter the programming of the physical body, we must look to see from where this programming originates.

*) The word body will, from now on, refer strictly to the physical body.  All other bodies will be explicitly named, e.g. emotionalmental, spiritual

The body is not as isolated as you may think.  It is constantly processing information from many different sources and levels of frequencies.  The error comes from thinking that you are limited to your five senses.  Although intuition as a sixth sense is sometimes only attributed to particularly sensitive people, it is inherent in all people.  Much of what is called intuition is the processed information gathered by the higher senses and filtered down through the levels until it is consciously registered. in the mind.  It is often subjected to interpretation by the mind /ego based upon the different belief systems that one has, which adds to the fact and makes it difficult for people to comprehend the information in its completeness.  And thus, is often distorted when it finally surfaces to our attention.

The meridians of the body function as carriers of Love, Light and energy frequencies that the body then steps down through the neural plexuses in the central nervous system, which then relay it along further, lastly ending in the cells.  Here they are used to fuel the DNA-RNA strands.

The meridians of the earth are the Ley lines that connect the different power spots and vortexes of the earth to each other and function principally in similar ways as the meridians of the body.

Know now that for approximately 200,000 years, the Earth was cut off from the Galactic Vibrational Energetic Grids.  Those who did this at that time also severed the meridians of the body.  Humankind became isolated in the body just as the Earth was cutt-off and isolated from the Central Sun.  Since that time the meridians of the body have no longer been connected to the Ley lines of the earth.  Since that time, the original 12 strands of DNA-RNA have been reduced to a mere 2 strands.

The body was originally designed to be the housing for—as the temple of—the Divine Christ Consciousness; to manifest Spirit in matter.  When the strands were reduced and the meridians disconnected eons ago, mankind fell into darkness.  It was truly a dark age because of the absence of Light.  From time to time a specially trained messenger was sent to the Earth to try to kindle the flame in the heart of men …

Those souls who incarnated time and time again to kindle the Light brought teachings of the Light with them.  Certain populations who lived in accord and harmony with the Earth, such as the American Native Indians and Australian Aborigines amongst others, were able to maintain their connection with the Darth.  Those in other civilizations—students and adepts of the alchemical processes as they relate to the body—learned to transcend the body by activating the Light strands that connected them with the Light grids of the earth and beyond.

The last great tampering with the body happened during the Atlantean ages when the androgynous body of mankind was split and differentiated into the male and female forms.

The body as it exists today is a result of genetic tampering from ages past, mixed with the genetic codes of the many galactic visitors who have colonized the Earth since time immemorial—and the imprints of the belief systems of the many cultures and civilizations that have inhabited the Earth and environmental influences over our earthly habitat.