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To Claim Our Power | Book 1

Pow-er ( \ ˈpa(-ə)r \ ):
  1. n. an ability or faculty, the power of motion, intellectual powers // physical strength // control, to be in someone’s power // controlling influence, political power // authority , authorization // ( phys. ) the rate at which work is done or energy is transmitted.
  2. Vt. to supply with a source of power.
( Webster’s Dictionary of the English Language – The New Lexicon )
Power, in the Spiritual and Higher Realms can be defined as follows:
  The ability, capability, capacity to create and be creative.
  The ability, capability, capacity to use energy as a source to create something or a situation.
And Power as a theme:
  To experience, learn and grow spiritually.
The lessons associated with Power are many, some examples are:
– and –

An Explanation:

To Claim our Power
is to take responsibility.

Which can lead to the realizations that:

To take responsibility is to
know that we co-create
our lessons and
our reality,
and to accept the results
of our actions
and inactions.

To know that we
our lessons and
our reality is
to learn
to forgive
ourselves and

To be able to forgive,
we must learn compassion.

comes through being connected
to our heart.

The Love in our heart
for ourselves
and others leads
to allowance:
Allowing others
the lessons that they
and we need
in order to grow

spiritually. / It does not mean standing by and doing nothing when people are suffering or dying. It means being on stand-by, so that they know you are there for them when they ask for help, and then helping as needed. /

Allowance means also
knowing when to surrender:

to surrender our control
over a situation,
or an opinion of how
something should be.

And the ability to
leads to
humbleness and

Humbleness and
help to keep us in our
which we need
to exercise
our Power.

Love is the source and the energy of All That Is.

Compassion is the true state of allowance.

Forgiveness is the key to releasing and healing of anger and pain; whether inflicted on us or by us.

Responsibility is what we need to take for our actions and the results thereof.

Reciprocity as the earthly version of the Divine Laws of: As above, so below -&- as within, so without. It has also been expressed as “Do unto others as you would be done unto” or as the boomerang Law of Karma.

Control is the self-discipline that is needed to guide our

And that to
Surrender is going with the flow, not giving up or in, but with
Allowance: Allowing something; when we can go no further on our own, the knowing of when to ask for help, to release control.

Humility helps to keep us in our