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A Heart Meditation/Practice:

(I suggest putting this on tape… )

Sit with spine straight.

Close your eyes. Relax!

Focus on your Breath for a minute.

Shift your attention now to your Heart.

Ask to be connected to your Higher Self, your Inner Child, your Highest Guides, & your Highest Angels.

Go now deeply into your heart.

Ask your Higher Self, Inner Child, Guides, & Angels to show you what is held in your heart
that is no longer appropriate and which is a burden to you,
which needs to be cleared out so that you may enter into the ‘new’ clean & clear.

What do you see? What do they show you?

Then ask them what you need to do to be able to release/heal these things/emotions/wounds
from your heart so that they will no longer be held in your heart.

Do what ever your Inner Child/ Higher Self/ Guides/Angels tell you/show you.

Then look again around you, and repeat the process, until your heart is clear.

When your heart is clear, ask them to guide you to your ‘Heart of Hearts’ ,
your secret heart within your heart,
where the doorway is that connects you to the Heart of Creator.

As you stand in front of the doorway/Portal in your Heart of Hearts,
ask them to help you to open the portal.

They may require that you do something first in order for the Portal to open.

Do what ever your Inner Child/ Higher Self/ Guides/Angels tell you/show you.

Then step through the open Portal into the Heart of Creator.

What do you see, what do you feel?

Step now into the Ocean of Divine Unconditional Love, that IS the Heart of Creator.

Allow yourself to be bathe and washed by Divine Unconditional Love…
Allow yourself to be healed of all wounds…from all lifetimes…
Allow yourself to be rebuilt anew; clean, clear , and sparkling with new faith, trust, hope,
and filled and saturated with Divine Unconditional Love!

When you are ready, step back through the Portal into your heart of Hearts.

Ask your Inner Child/ Higher Self/ Guides/ & Angels to help you keep that Portal open at all times
so that your Heart and the Heart of Creator may become as one.

As you step back into your heart from your heart of Hearts,
feel how you have brought the Ocean of Divine Unconditional Love with you.

It fills and saturates your heart,
and spills over and saturates all your Bodies;
especially your Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Bodies.

Cleansing, purifying, and healing them
of all thoughts, emotions, and energies that are no longer appropriate for you
and the new reality you wish to step into.

It doesn’t stop there.

Feel how that Divine Unconditional Love continues to pour forth and saturate all areas of your life;
your home/surroundings,
your loved ones- famliy & friends,
your community,
the state you live in,
the country, the continent, spreading out across the oceans,
to fill and saturate all other continents,
until the entire Planet is filled and saturated with Divine Unconditional Love !

It is so easy, so effortless!

Divine Unconditional Love just spills forth from you!

Feel how this feels like, in your Body, in your Emotions (Heart), your Mind, and your Spirit.

Remember this feeling.

The Remembrance of this feeling can bring you
instantaneously to this State of Being of Divine Unconditional Love!

Then when you are ready,
slowly bring yourself back into your body,
slowly open your eyes,
stretch your limbs, and FEEL the difference.


It is that pure state of Divine Unconditional Love that we wish to bring with us as the Foundation of the ‘New Reality’ . And this time is our ” moving in time” into our ‘New Reality’, so hold that focus of Divine Unconditional Love, and our highest ideals, our highest State of Being by vibrating at the highest level of being that we can reach, that we can BE.