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Cosmic Upgrades & Sound Activation – 12.2.99

Know that ALL who pray and ask for help in any way will be given Upgrades! The Activation will come to them in other ways than from a sound therapist.

I am shown that there are those musicians and sound technicians who are being guided to create recordings that will reach the masses to activate the Upgrades that have been given them

As there are many levels of Light body development, so too are there many levels of Activation complexities. So for the one person, it will enough to be exposed to certain sound wave frequencies that are in the general environment of our society, i.e. Radio, music, television, etc… and others will require more precise Calibration of the Sound bombardment/exposure, hence the need to go to someone trained in sound modalities.

Ask for guidance from your Higher selves and your Highest Spiritual Guides. Do Not expose yourselves indiscriminately to any sort of sound frequencies in the hopes of getting the right ones for you. Ask and you shall be guided to the Right situation/sound worker for you.
Practice producing sounds yourself to vibrate and align your bodies and help build up the reservoir of Prana/life energy.