Connections’ Work

Li Lan El-Lah-Rah is a teacher and Representative of the Great White Brotherhood / Sisterhood of Light in conjunction with the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Earth and the Ascended Masters. She is also of the Office of the Christ and of the Office of the Mother of the Universe and of the World. She is the Physical Aspect of the Eloha El-Lah-Rah (Eloha being the singular of Elohim). She has been trained intensively by the “White Brotherhood” since 1993 to do what she calls her ‘Connections’ work for individuals:

Connections to the Higher Self and the Inner Child: which enables them to directly experience their Higher Self and Inner Child and to communicate with these energetic parts of their Being and then to Anchor these Aspects into their physical bodies.

Balancing and Harmony Sessions : to explore on multidimensional levels, the cause and origins of States of imbalances and dis-ease. And the reestablishment and re-calibration/alignment/ programming of the etheic blueprints, meridians and DNA-RNA to help bring an individual back to that state of Balance and Harmony which we call Health. This is different from the

Multi-dimensional Structural Synthesis Therapy (MSST) in that one must be physically present and the session goes in depth into past and present situations to explore the cause and origins of the problem.

Multi-dimensional Structural Synthesis Therapy (MSST) is an innovative form of healing brought through by Li Lan and her White Brotherhood Medical and Technology guides. It uses etheric technology that allows Li Lan to check through a person’s many bodies for discordant and disruptive programs, energies and influences that can cause states of disease and imbalance and then to clear and heal those bodies in a fast and energy efficient manner.

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Connection to the Divine Light of Gold : allows us to access that Physical energy of the Divine Light of Gold and channel it to enhance the healing modalities of All healing work – whether it be with people , animals, or earth energies and grid work. Connections to other Divine Light Elements are available also.

Axiatonal Connection to the earth : which connects a person’s acupuncture meridians via the vibrational energy axiatonal lines to the vibratory grids of the earth.

She also offers flower Essences consultations and works with Flower Essences in all the Connections and process work that she does.