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Ascension Update 7-19-2015

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7-19-15 Ascension Update

The Ascension Process is the process of attaining Christ Consciousness and retaining the ability to maintain this state of consciousness at the same time that we are elevating up into the higher Dimensional planes.

The Planetary Ascension process is still ongoing and will continue for a while as will each individual’s own personal Ascension process… There will be many more moments of intense energy shifts when afterwards, one can see in the outer world the results of those personal and collective shifts…

There are many levels of dimensional shifts in the Ascension Process that each goes through that are collectively experienced.. yet  in the end, each individual is on a personal journey to reconnect to Source. So while some may be experiencing a 5 -D reality, others may experience a 4-D  reality and others still may continue in a 3-D reality.

The dimensional barriers are becoming more and more fluid, allowing a flowing transition from one dimension to another.
One does have to realize that one’s Intentions, thoughts and emotional states can effect a seamless shift from one dimension to another..Another factor is the framework of your belief systems which can condition you to change what you are experiencing. For example, let us say you are energetically in a 5-D state, where you are truly able to instantaneously create and change your reality, yet you don’t believe it. That disbelief will cause you to fall back into a 3-D state where you cannot and do not create your reality.

Realize that whenever you are feeling hopelessness, fear, lack, anger, and any and all emotional states which causes you to feel disempowered and lack of energy, you are in 3-D (or you believe you are in 3-D) in that moment.

When we release those negative and vibratory lower emotional states, and we “lighten” up, our vibratory levels go up and we can shift into the state of transitional 4-D state, where we no longer doubt that we can create our reality, but we do not as yet trust our ability to consistently do so.

As we gain confidence and trust in our abilities to Create, we shift into the 5-D state when we truly realize that we ARE the creators of our reality. When we begin to actively affirm this and implement this in our everyday lives, our lives become more joyous and filled with Love and Light and we can begin to open up more and more, and expand our beingness to encompass more and more, merging with others in a unifying Oneness without losing individual consciousness to finally attain that state of Unity that is Christ Consciousness.

We begin this process by centering in our Heart and always remaining in our Heart.

Love & Blessings
Li Lan Chan El-Lah-Rah